Kampong Chhnang in Cambodia is beautiful and peaceful with several extraordinary tourist attractions to amaze the new guests. If you ask whether you should see this site, the answer should always be “Yes, you should always.” So, today let us draw your attention to one of the most appealing destinations in Cambodia – Kampong Chhnang. […]

Battambang is sometimes referred to be the laid-back and lovely riverside destination in Cambodia. But not many people know that this town is also historical and cultural with the indispensable significance for the whole country. Want to rest in a hassle-free and idyllic place in Cambodia? Your choice should be Battambang. About Battambang in Cambodia […]

Kampong Cham in Cambodia is the third largest city of the country. This city has proximity to Phnom Penh, and functions as the significant trading and transportation hub. Tourists today have known about Kampong Cham and visited it on a daily basis. Though the destination is noted for the countryside scenarios, it is also charming […]