Cambodia remains as attractive and friendly as possible in many travelers’ minds. More and more people come to this appealing country, and the New Zealand (NZ) citizens are no exceptions. Travel to Cambodia from New Zealand has been a trend for somebody who admires the Angkor heritages, the serene atmosphere, or the pristine islands here. Provided […]

Koh Kong in Cambodia (also called “Kong Island”) is a captivating and primitive destination that has been attracting numerous vacationers. If you have not decided what to see exactly in Cambodia, just consider one of the best island provinces in the country which is Koh Kong. Get useful tips on Koh Kong Island Cambodia here […]

Cambodia wins interests in the idyllic countryside sceneries with beach, hill, island, lake, and more. Kampot beach city and Kep have become the new destinations for anybody that wants the unique travel experiences in conquering Bokor Hill or swimming in the beach paradise of Kep. The 9 top things to do in Kampot and Kepcangive […]

Takeo in Cambodia is usually known as the cradle of Cambodian civilization. It preserves the significant pre-Angkorian ruins constructed between the 5thcentury and the 8th century. If you appreciate the pre-Angkorian history and remnants in a spectacular land, it’s a very good idea to travel to Takeo. Explore the beauty of southwest Cambodia with: Indochina Tour Cambodia Takeo […]

BanteayMeanchey in Cambodia is a praiseworthy destination that you might not want to miss in this mysterious Indochina country. Meaning “Fortress of Victory” in the Khmer language, this province is a suitable choice for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. Provided that you’re setting foot in this laid-back country and want to find an off-the-beaten-track site […]

Cambodia has a solid position on the Indochina tourism map, admittedly. More and more travelers come to cherish the imposing Angkor and enjoy the peaceful countryside atmosphere in the land. While some compliment the friendly Khmer lifestyle, the others are keen on various magnificent temple ruins in the archaeological park. How about you, some Australians? […]

Preah Vihear in Cambodia might not sound popular to the tourist communities, but it’s surely a nice destination to see. In the Khmer language, the name of this province means “Sacred Sanctuary”, which owns the highlights of revered temples, villages, and other well-known religious sites. For a good glimpse of Cambodia’s spiritual life, then it’s […]