Searching for Cambodia Homestay Battambang, the second largest city in Cambodia, most of the guests are likely to come across the website of Battambang My Homestay. This is actually the guesthouse which promises the homestay-like experiences in the kingdom country. Travelers have been sharing with each other about this address – a big recommendation to […]

Cambodia owns some of the world’s most beautiful, special, and interesting ceremonies to attract groups of travelers all over the world. Amongst the elites of events, the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Phnom Penh is so fantastic that is worth your travel to Cambodia in May. The Royal Ploughing Ceremony On the festive day of May, […]

Checking out all top things to do in Battambang Cambodia exhilarates the international backpackers and vacationers to gather at this lovely riverside town. Famed for the idyllic and spectacular beauty, Battambang delivers the rewarding ecotourism and adventure which cover plenty of exciting activities. Without the picturesque beaches, skyscrapers or mind-blowing Angkor temples, this remote town […]