5 Reasons why Battambang is a Must to See in Cambodia
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Battambang is a nice city in Cambodia that calls for travelers’ interest. This city is the shining spot on the Southeast Asian tourism map that you should not miss by all means. To answer your questions of why to visit Battambang, here are the 5 most reasonable answers.

Battambang is, in fact, ignored by some tourists who travel to Cambodia, just because this place do not have the exquisite beaches, commercial centers, and magnificent Angkor heritages. Rather, what makes the second largest city of Cambodia special are the unique lifestyle and interesting countryside atmosphere that are praiseworthy and hard to find elsewhere.

#1: The Excellent Restaurants for Authentic Khmer Food

Most of the traditional Khmer food and products are available at Battambang. The diverse culinary needs of the foreign guests urge the city to develop chains of high-quality restaurants. Walking around the alleys and streets, you are likely to find a variety of inexpensive local restaurants, the peaceful and scenic coffee shops, and the Western eateries.

If you’re fond of the French fishes as well as the Cambodia-and-French cuisine, then proceed to Pomme d ’Amor Restaurant or Lotus Restaurant. Regarding the mixed cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, make sure you check in Jaan Bai Restaurant where ensures the delicious and delightful meals. The restaurants in Battambang mostly offer lots of impressive corners for sightseeing and photographing. See more Where to eat in Battambang Cambodia !

#2: Biking in Battambang

Man riding bicycle crosses the bridge in Battambang

The destination owns some idyllic, picturesque, and extraordinary countryside areas for Cambodia Bike Tours. Many people love to explore the hidden corners of Battambang by cycling, and for sure, they’ve made the excellent decisions. Biking through the spectacular villages, laid-back temples, spacious green rice paddies, unpaved roads, etc., gives you the new excitement. It’s the big joy to pass by the flocks of animals with your bicycles, and discover the local traditional villages to know the how-to.

#3: Kayaking to Visit Floating Villages in Battambang

Discover the floating villages by kayaking is considered as one of the must things to do in Battambang. The common route for this activity is to start from Ksach Poy Village and kayak along the Stung Sangke River, and then head back to the city. The experiences in paddling in the blue clear water, amidst the enchanting sceneries along the riversides, will turn to be the long-lasting memories.

#4: Intriguing History for the Fanciers

The Battambang Tours cannot be complete if you don’t visit Sampeou Hill which covers Killing Cave – where the Khmer Rouge put the innocent victims’ corpses during the wartime. There you can listen to some stories about the evil acts of the Khmer Rouge. On the top of Sampeou Hill, there lies a tranquil pagoda where the victims’ corpses have been kept in the glass containers. That said, over 10,000 innocent people were killed in this cave.  A Tour to Sampeou Hill takes you back in time and feel the terrible loss because of the war.

#5: Local Cooking Classes of Khmer Food

Smokin Pot Cooking School

Not only have the excellent restaurants for the authentic Khmer food, but Battambang also provides the competent Cambodian Cooking Classes that teach you how to cook the local dishes. Know that Smokin’ Pot was the first restaurant that ran the cooking sessions for the foreigners in Cambodia 14 years ago. Until now, this restaurant is still developing strongly as the preferred addresses for the cooking classes in Battambang. As usual, the session will last around 3 hours, and get started with the visit to the local market to buy fresh ingredients and end with the unique lunch (including the self-cooked and the restaurant-prepared dishes).

There might be some other reasons drawing you to Battambang such as the exceptional “Bamboo Train”, the inexpensive yet stylish hotel rooms, etc., but the five outstanding points above can be powerful enough to convince you of Battambang beauty. Travel to Battambang to experience soon!

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