7 Top Dishes to Eat when You Are in Cambodia 
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Cambodia has the beautiful beaches, green and primitive forests, impressive mountains, mighty Mekong River, hard-working people, and diverse cuisine. During your travel to this homeland of the Angkor Heritage, savoring the delicious food is the indispensable joy. The Cambodian foods reflect some influences from Vietnam and Thailand, but the importance is that they are very yummy.

#1: Bai Sach Chrouk – rice with pork

Being popular in almost every street of Cambodia, the rice with pork is preferred breakfast of both locals and guests. The thin slices of pork are grilled over the charcoal stoves to keep it sweet and fresh. Spiced with coconut milk or garlic, the grilled pork is scrumptious enough to determine the quality of the whole plate. Also, the fish sauce, broken rice, shallot, cucumber, and fermented ginger are all important. Try a plate of Bai Sach Chrouk for breakfast to start a good day!

#2: Fish with Sauce

It’s hard to find elsewhere that has the exceptional fish with sauce like in Cambodia because the locals use their unique bitter herb named “slok ngor.” The fish is sauced with coconut milk, “kroeung” (a kind of Khmer curry), onion, ginger, etc. The whole set should be steamed in the cup made by banana leaves, and remain hot when serving the patrons.

#3: The Red Khmer Curry

The Khmer curry is not quite spicy as the Thai curry because it uses the coconut milk as the core with no chili powder. Besides, they emphasize the ingredients of beef, fish, chicken, potato, “kroeung,” etc., to create the attractive red complex. Traditionally, the Khmer families often cook this dish in the special events of wedding or family gathering. Enjoy the curry with loaves of bread!

#4: Lap Khmer (the salad with rare beef and lemon)

The rare beef mixed with salad is the big favorite of the Khmer men who appreciate the fresh beef flavor. With Lap Khmer in the restaurant, the beef is often grilled before mixing with lemon juice, garlic, fish sauce, mint, pepper, and snap bean. The sweet, spicy, and salty of the food can mesmerize the gourmets who come to explore the Cambodian Cuisine.

#5: Nom Bank Chok (the Khmer noodle)

It’s easy to find the food carts selling this Khmer noodle in almost every corner of the country. The locals often eat the yummy bowls of noodle for breakfast which often include a variety of vegetables and herbs, rice noodle, green curry, banana powder, cucumber, and more. Look for the carts of “Nom Bank Chok” and enjoy a full bowl when you travel to Cambodia.

#6: Kdam Chaa (the fried crabs)

“Kdam Chaa” is the specialty of Kep Beach City, Cambodia. There you find the renowned crab markets where the fried carbs served with Kampot green peppers are very popular. There is even no better place to enjoy the green peppers of Kampot than in Cambodia, and it is best to be combined with the fried crabs.

#7: Ang dtray meuk (the grilled squid)

In the gorgeous beaches of Cambodia, namely Sihanouk and Kep, you will see lots of vendors who serve the eye-catching grilled squid. Without a doubt, this delectable dish is best consumed when being hot and fragrant. The squid is spiced with lime orange or fish sauce and then grouped in the bamboo sticks for grilling over the charcoal stoves. As usual, people enjoy the grilled pieces with the succulent sauce including Kampot pepper, chili, sugar, lemon juice, and garlic.

After the great Tour to Angkor Wat nearby Siem Reap, fun time in charming Phnom Penh, or relaxing vacation at Sihanoukville, just fulfill your stomachs with the 7 top dishes to eat in Cambodia. The delightful culinary experiencemight bring you back to Cambodia over and over.

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