Cambodia wins interests in the idyllic countryside sceneries with beach, hill, island, lake, and more. Kampot beach city and Kep have become the new destinations for anybody that wants the unique travel experiences in conquering Bokor Hill or swimming in the beach paradise of Kep. The 9 top things to do in Kampot and Kepcangive you great ideas before booking your holiday to Cambodia !

Old Temple Phnom BokorKampot Province


#1: Conquer Bokor Hill

At the height of 1,080m, Bokor Hill is the fantastic spot to enjoy the magnetic panorama. From some top corners of the hill, you’re able to see Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam. The route to the hilltop is 33km long and very scenic. The interesting things to see include the old Catholic Church, antique casino, mysterious pagoda, ancient stone group, etc.

Old Temple Phnom Bokor Kampot Province


#2: Enjoy Sunset on Kampot River

You can rent a motorbike to explore the town and direct to the poetic Teuk Chhou River which is around 15km from Kampot Town to cherish the sunset. Otherwise, the Kampot Tour Packages often includes the joy of sightseeing sunset on the enchanting river. The best time to catch the right moment is 16:00 – 18:00.

#3; Relax at Rabbit Island

The lovely tropical island is famous for the pristine beach, white sand, and coconut palm ranges. The nature-friendly bungalows give you absolute relaxation in the marvelous settings. This island allows you to discover the underwater world by snorkeling with proper equipment. The colorful coral reefs and fish species impress you all. Absolutely, the boat trip from the town to Rabbit Island is very scenic and delightful.

#4: Enjoy Kampot Fruits

The city is proud of durian, rambutan, coconut, and mangosteen. Therefore, make sure you can taste the great fruits of the land to see how tasteful they are. Also, in the center of the town, you see the Square featured with the giant statues of the durian bordered by bunches of rambutan, coconut, and mangosteen. This is the iconic background for photography.

#5: Experience stand-up paddle boarding

Kampot in Cambodia owns lots of waterways for these energetic sports originated from Hawaii. The thrill-seekers enjoy this active pastime to quickly discover some floating villages as well as the countryside landscapes along the riversides. The professional instructors will guide you how to board with the stand-up paddle, so enjoy it with no worry.

#6: Taste Khmer Food in Popokvil Waterfall

For being connected to nature and eating the Khmer food from the huts, go to see the picturesque Popokvil Waterfall. In the beautiful settings, feel free to relax, meditate, and have a memorable picnic. You might see several meditating monks there. So, get your opportunities to refresh the mind with the fresh air as well as the yummy food.

#7: Swim in Kep Beach

With the gorgeous beach, smooth white sand, blue and clear water, Kep in Cambodia encourages you to swim. There you find it totally free to dip yourself in the cool water and play whatever water sports that you would love to. What’s more, savor some local dishes, namely Bok Lahong, the sour salad, and the fresh seafood, in the nearby eateries.

#8: Visit Kep National Park

Kampot National Park


Being untouched and beautiful with the valuable flora and fauna, Kep National Park is the must to discover. The protected area brings you to the green and peaceful world filled with authentic wildlife and spectacular landscapes. Sometimes, you can listen to the birds’ songs and the rhythm of the jungle.Along the hiking trails, expect to meet some exotic floras in blossom.

#9: Get Local Handicrafts

Kampot and Kep offer a vast choice of local handicrafts for you to bring home as the unique souvenirs. Particularly, the bamboo-knitted containers are the popular Cambodian items to buy. You might also like the handmade decorative objects.

If you want to find peace and joy from the untouched nature and laid-back countryside lifestyle in the small towns, head towards Kampot and Kep in Cambodia now!

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