Angkor Temples were predominantly built up for the religious purposes. While some of the Angkor sites were used as the Hindu temples, the rest were the Buddhist temples. At present, most of the Angkorian important temples store at least several Buddha statues. A constant stream of monks and worshippers has been increased recently. More and more people prefer making offerings in the wats and temples, especially in the festive days.  If you are about to arrive at the sacred destination, the Angkor Temples Visit Tips turn to be very helpful indeed!

Travel to the Temples of Angkor – What to Consider

It’s obvious that the temples of Angkor are kept as the holy spaces for the Cambodia people to pray. With the development of the modern tourism, the sacred temples now are open to the public. Anyhow, the guests have to keep several keys in mind for the successful trips.

  • As you are coming to the holy ruins, it’s best to wear the dress code of long skirt/pans and covered shoulders. The Khmers always follow the formal dress code whenever they come to visit the divine temples. Therefore, the tourists are expected to do what the locals do: dress modestly. Bear in mind that you’re visiting the temples!
  • About the means of transportation, motorcycle and tuk-tuk are more common. Using them enables you to prevent the scams and hassles of life. Nevertheless, the women are not encouraged to travel solo, especially in the late night at the secluded ruins. Just hire a tuk-tuk driver to take you around the ancient ruins. Also get their independent advice.
  • Note that the off-duty police officers are mostly walking beside you and guiding you through the temples! At this time, you can decide to self-explore the temples or seek help from the locals at the certain prices. In most cases, the police officers are ready to work as the tourist guides to double their salary.
  • Beware of anybody that offers you the incense! They hand you the incense, but it is NOT for free, remember. They will ask for donation (about $10). However, none knows the purpose of their self-claimed funds. So, it’s best to say “No, thank you”.
  • Keep an eye on many peddlers around the temples! It is uneasy to disregard the continuous come-ons that ask you the buy the souvenirs, T-shirts, photocopied guidebooks, etc. Your temple visit turns to be peaceful if you can stay away from these troublesome “sellers” who insist you on buying most of the time.
  • Visiting the Angkor Temples challenges the tourists’ health and courage. They are encouraged to climb up the steep staircases to attain the spiritual balance.
  • You’d better get the medical advice before traveling to Cambodia in case the malaria ruins your stay. Besides, do not feed or touch the monkeys that lurk around some historical sites because they may bite you. So, please be careful.
  • In the temples of Angkor, you can make the most of your visit by choosing the right tickets. The 7-day pass lets you see the full features of the Angkor Temples while the 1-day pass gives you a good glimpse of the Angkorian architecture.
  • Focus on the must-see temples instead of wandering. The most outstanding names include Angkor Wat, Bayond, Ta Prohm, Preah Khan, and Banteay Srei.

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