Angkor Wat is so famous that the whole world knows and wants to cherish it. On December 03, the flat grounds of the well-known Angkor is going to celebrate the fantastic charity race: Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2017.  Read on to know more about this internationally recognized event in Cambodia.

The 22nd Angkor Wat International Half Marathon on December 03, 2017

Originally, this charity marathon aims to raise relief for the victims of the Cambodia’s antipersonnel mines. The first edition of the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon NGO was taken place in 1996, supported by the Japanese running devotees, which attracted the runners throughout the world. Nowadays, the participants of this international race can be the landmine victims as well as many other enthusiasts who together run on the designated routes in the Angkor Wat Heritage Site. The race really delivers bravery and hope to the sufferers, as well as calling the world to prohibit the use of the antipersonnel mines.

It’s agreed that the use and manufacture of the antipersonnel mines are inhumane and need to be banned. So, the runners from all over the world gather at the marathon race to support this purpose, along with raising the relief for the victims. The entry fees and any additional financial support will be used for the sufferers to give them the prosthetic limbs, the social reintegration plans, the education and prevention of HIV/AIDS, and some other necessary programs. One part of the relief also goes for the Angkor Children Hospital as well as Kantha Bopha Children Hospital. The international support means a lot to the Cambodians, and it also inspires the whole world to do something meaningful for the victims. The marathon race in Angkor Wat itself is very exciting.

The charity competition is managed by AMC (Angkor Wat International Half Marathon Organizing Committee) and supported by various organizations, ensuring that this is the big event in Cambodia that you should not miss in December 2017. Here are the event date and schedule to follow:

Day & Time: Sunday, December 03 2017, from 05:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Start/Finish Point: The area in front of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

There will include five Race Categories for the male and female participants to enroll.

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in Cambodia

No. Race Categories Start Time (AM)
1 21 km Wheelchair 05:50
2 21 km Half Marathon 06:00
3 10 km Road Race 06:20
4 10 km Artificial Arm/Leg 06:20
5 3 km Family Run 06:40


Important Notes for the Runners

  • Access to the Angkor Wat: The distance from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat is around 6km. It takes 20-minute tuk-tuk ride, 15-minute taxi or bus drive. Note that all members must be present at the running course 30 minutes (at least) before the Start Time.
  • Benefit for the participants: The 21km & 10km Champions will receive the Finisher-Medal at the finish point in Angkor Wat, while the 3km Completed Runners will get the Running Certificate after the competition. In the Finish Area, there are the FREE food & drinks to serve the runners.
  • Important Setup Points along the Running Course: You find the water stations every 2km which offer water plus bananas. The Bib tag timing checkpoints are available at Angkor Thom and nearby the Angkor Wat grounds. Besides, every 1km on the running road, there is the signpost on the right side.
  • The Populated Race Results: One day after the race, the results will be posted on the website of Cambodian Events Organizer.
  • Weather Forecast: December is the dry month in Cambodia, featuring the average temperature of 28 Celsius degree which will be ideal for the charity race.
  • Running Course Status: The participants will run on the flat course of Angkor Wat shadowed by lots of age-old trees. There stand out about 14 antique temples along the running course. And of course, the runners are free to take pictures of the religious ruins if they like. Believe it, the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon is set up in the exceptional course inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Get your Race Pack: Provided that you cannot come to get you Race Pack during the last confirmation date, it’s required a letter to be attached to your confirmation sheet before you give that sheet to anybody that comes to pick up the race pack on behalf of you. The Race Pack Collection is possible on November 30, December 01 and 02. Remember that there is NO Pack Collection on the race day!

The Race Pack collection address is Sokha Siem Reap, Road 60, Angkor Cultural & Tourism Complex Junction, Phum Trang, Sangkat Slorkram, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  • Deadline for registration: The deadline is November 01, 2017 at 17:00 (Cambodian Time). Any registration after this deadline will not be accepted.

How to register to the 22nd Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2017

First, online registration is for the overseas participants who can choose to pay the registration fee in either Thai Baht at or US Dollar at On these registration links, you find details of the T-shirt measurements for the runners, the Race Categories with Time and Age Limit, Inclusive Entry Fee, Race Venues, Course Map, Remarks, and Hotels Nearby.

Second, onsite registration is for the runners who are living in Cambodia. The registration form comes in two versions: one in English and one in Cambodian. People have to print out the form and fill it in before they submit it with the payment at the Registration Office in Phnom Penh: Cambodian Events Organizer, No. 79 C, Str. 155, Sangkat Toul Tompong I, and Chamcar Mon District. Note that there are differences of the registration fees between the Cambodians and the overseas runners.

Take notes of the Race Day on December 03, 2017 and measure if you can attend this meaningful charity running in Angkor Wat Cambodia. This will turn to be one of the most inspiring, energetic, and memorable marathon race that you’ve ever experienced in this Indochina region. Travel to Cambodia this December!

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