The Cambodians take pride for Angkor Wat – the most famous ancient temple site in their country. People come to Cambodia in general and to Siem Reap in particular will never miss a short excursion to the historic Angkorian temples. When you arrive at the renowned Wat, your eyes are feasted with the monumental and awe-inspiring sight from the five lotus-like towers that rises 65m into the sky. On the UNESCO status, Angkor Wat is admitted as one of the ancient wonders of the world that you should visit a least once in a lifetime. The Wat is the gem of any visit to the temples of Angkor.

Keys to the Successful Angkor Wat Tours

First of all, you should come to the land with a good understanding. The Angkor Wat ruins are settled in the Angkor Archaeological Park while the park entrance is set around 3km north of Siem Reap. As guests, you’re advised to explore the ancient ruins with a guidebook that teaches about the exact history of the Angkorian-era temples (from the 9th century to the 13th century). The UNESCO World Heritage Site reflects the achievement of Khmer art, culture, and architecture. The ancient ruins were devoted to the Hindu God and Vishnu. The historic and majestic architecture provides the amazing background for everybody to explore and record.

Next, you’d better know some particular highlights of Angkor Wat that are stated in many papers. We list a few outstanding features for you to keep in mind such as the Angkorian carvings, the bas-relief scenarios of wars, daily life, or Hindu legends. Know that this dramatic Wat has been a Buddhist temple since the 14th century even though it was formerly constructed as the Hindu temple. A special highlight of Angkor Wat is that its main tower on the 3rd level includes four Buddha statues; each statue faces a distinctive point on the compass.

Also, get informed of the best time to visit the UNESCO site! The whole structure is best enjoyed in soft light. The most ideal lighting conditions are after 14:00. Besides, do research about what is called “Angkor Pass”. It refers to the admission passes such as $20 for a 1-day pass, $40 for a 3-day pass, and $60 for a 7-day pass so that you can explore Angkor temples smoothly. Many tourists agree that the 3-day visit is enough for you to discover the main temples like Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom associated with some minor sites.

With a good guidebook, you can self-tour to Angkor Wat tourist destination. Also know what to bring and how to dress so that your tours become successful. Due to the heat and humidity in Cambodia, the tourists should wear the light clothing and bring some necessary items like hat, sunscreen, raincoat, umbrella, etc., according to the season. A pair of durable walking shoes is important.

Whether you choose to reach the ancient temples with a tour operator or the do-it-yourself tour, you can visit the site by several common means of transport like bus, minivan, tuk-tuk, rickshaw, and motorbike. Due to your time, budget and interest, just choose a way to enter the ancient ruins and evaluate its real charm! People worldwide concede the absolute merit of Angkor Tours, so will you!

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