A Cambodia Tour cannot be completed if you lack the enjoyment of what is called Apsara Dance and Best Dinner Shows in Siem Reap. Trust us! It is the single big magnet that attracts the huge number of travelers coming to Cambodia. If you buy our words, go on reading the highlights of Apsara dance before or after you watch its performance.

The Best Features of Apsara Dance in Siem Reap

The ancient art of Apsara dance has long been performed by the Cambodian women. The dance looks similar to what was depicted on the walls of the Angkorian temple complex. The female performers will wear the glittering silk tunics, the fit sequined tops, and golden headdresses. Of course, the dancers are very beautiful in such costume.

The performers move with the high deliberation and excellent skills; their knees bent in plié while their heels first touch the floor at every step, and their faces are beautified with the coy smiles. Each of the dancing positions denotes the certain symbols. For example, the fingers pointing to the sky signifies the meaning of “today” and the sole facing upwards symbolizes the flying dream.

Historically, there were more than 3,000 Apsara dancers during the era of Jayarvaman VII. Know that the dancers in the past only perform to please the King. That was why the Apsara dance was merely trained at the royal court. The survivors after the Khmer Rouge attempted to foster the practice of the royal dance, and they were successful. In 1995 (six years after the fall of the Khmer Rouge), the Apsara fanciers could start viewing the dancing show in Angkor Wat.

Nowadays, more and more dancers have been trained at the Royal University of Fine Arts right in Phnom Penh. The selection of the potential performers (as young as seven years old) is determined by their attitude, youth, flexibility, and deftness. The learners will spend six years to study up to 1500 complicated positions. Then, it takes them more three or six years to obtain the needy level of artistic maturity. So you see, the expertise in Apsara dance requires much time, energy, and consistency.

When and Where to See the Apsara Dance and Dinner Show

The live performance of Apsara dance is announced by the Royal University of Fine Arts on the festive occasions such as the King’s birthday and the Khmer New Year festival. The announcements about the royal show are visible in front of the Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh.

But more preferably, the Apsara Dance Show now is widely served by many hotels and restaurants in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. People find it highly convenient to watch the Cambodia’s cultural dancing performance when they feel like. So, please ask to know if your hotels or restaurants support this excellent service!

In most cases, the royal dance show covers the four genres of Khmer’s traditional dance: Apsara Dance, Masked Dance, Shadow Dance, and Folk Dance. Of course, the tourists are welcomed to watch and record these special dance genres. They are fully worth to see and experience.  Plus, you can proceed to these fantastic venues to enjoy the Apsara Dance associated with the Khmer set menu for dinner: Alliance Cafe, Apsara Terrace, Apsara Theater, La Noria Hotel, and Temple Balcony.

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