Getting to know the best places for backpackers in Cambodia urges the budget travelers to discover the kingdom country whenever they want the enjoyable backpacking journey. Not only owing Angkor Wat – the world’s largest religious monument, Cambodia is famed for some other must-see destinations for you to pack and go!

#1: Siem Reap and Angkor – The Best Places for Backpacking in Cambodia

It’s learned that lots of backpackers recommend backpacking in Cambodia and over 80% of them would happily return to Siem Reap and the incredible Angkor. While Siem Reap is the backpackers’ hangout, the Angkor is the biggest attraction. You’re advised to opt for the 3-day pass of $USD40 to discover the archaeological park’s famous temples if the time budget is abundant.

Besides being the dynamic getaway to the well-known Angkor Wat and various mystic temples, Siem Reap is featured with some ideal places of interest for the backpackers such as Psah Chas (Old Market), Kampong Phluk Village, Oum Khun Street, Circus Show at Phare, and Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary. A week of backpacking in Siem Reap doesn’t cost you much if you stay in the budget guesthouses like The Siem Reap Hostel, Rosy Guest House, or Golden Mango Inn, while the food charges are not expensive.

Preah Khan temple in Angkor. Siem Reap

#2: Phnom Penh – The Surprising Good Site for Backpackers in Cambodia

It’s quite surprising to know that Phnom Penh is also the good site for Cambodia packaging. This capital city owns the beautiful French-colonial buildings, the tree-lined boulevards, the scenic coffee shops, the historical places of interest, etc. Do not first think that the expenses in this bustling city will be high because you will have lots of cost-free activities to do.

Let’s see the Chroy Changvar Bridge, Sisowath Quay, Cambodia Post Office, French Institute Of Cambodia, Phsar Thom Thmei Market, and Independence Monument. These attractions require no entrance cost which is definitely appealing to the backpackers. Particularly in the local market, you can expect to buy various items at the reasonable prices. Besides, this “Pearl of Asia” offers the ideal accommodation sites for the budget guests namely Envoy Hostel, Mad Monkey Phnom Penh, The Happy House, etc. While Siem Reap is the gateway to the celebrated Angkor, Phnom Penh is the significant gateway to the rest of Cambodia. Make sure you do not skip this capital city in every backpacker’s itinerary.

Street food in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Street food in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

#3: Sihanoukville – The Ideal Beach Paradise for Backpackers in Cambodia

As the beautiful coastal city in southeastern Cambodia, Sihanoukville owns the matchless beauty filled with pristine beaches, white sand, Water Park, etc., and the mid-range lodges. Also, this destination is famous for night beach parties, seafood, cheap drinks, various water games, pubs, and bars. Come to Sokha Beach, Ochheuteal Beach, and Otres Beach if you want to feel the best “Vitamin Sea” of Sihanoukville. To the backpacker communities, the budget accommodation fits their financial capacity such as One Stop Hostel, Monkey Maya, The Last Point, Monkey Republic, etc.

Groups of backpackers predominantly take Sihanoukville as their top beach destination for backpacking in Cambodia, especially in the summer. The photogenic beach paradise is ideal for photography; that is why you see a countless number of “so-deep” photos taken in Sihanoukville on the social media nowadays. A good way to reach this beach paradise is to take the 5-hour bus ride from Phnom Penh if you get started from the capital city.

Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

#4: Kampot – The Big Backpacker Favorite Place in Cambodia

Being famed for the green and scenic countryside landscape, Kampot makes your backpacking in Cambodia full of fun and joy. The top highlights of this destination cost you a little to enjoy to the fullest; so make sure you see the Bokor Hill Station, Rabbit Island, and Phnom K’Chnor Cave. This sleepy Mekong River town has some colorful Cham villages for the on-foot exploration in which you enjoy chatting with the locals and learning French colonial architecture as well as the beautiful nature.

Kampot is also the cradle to the well-known Kampot pepper which ensures you to buy the authentic product at the best prices. Also, the fresh and affordable seafood dishes cheer up the backpacking foodies who come with the tight budget to Cambodia. And if you have some more time, invest it in the nearby Kep. Stay at The Plantation, The Magic Sponge, Kool Kampot, Arcadia Backpackers, etc., to save some dollars. The 2-hour minibus from Kampot to Sihanoukville, for instance, is only USD$7.

Seefood is not expensive in Kampot. Cambodia

Seefood is not expensive in Kampot. Cambodia

#5: Battambang – The Peaceful, Remote Place for Backpackers in Cambodia

If you would love the off-the-beaten-track trails and the unique countryside vibe of Cambodia, then go to Battambang. This destination is ideal for biking, kayaking, sightseeing the rustic charm, and especially, the crazy bamboo train. During the Battambang backpacking trip, you pay little but gain much, regarding the tourist activities, food, and services.

Look for the mid-range eateries, local villages, the inexpensive yet stylish guesthouses like Here Be Dragons, Battambang My Homestay, Lucky Hostel, Asia Hotel Battambang, etc. As the backpackers, you just need to smile and enjoy a lot of fun in Battambang. The countryside is absolutely gorgeous. A good idea is to take a boat trip from Siem Reap to Battambang if you get started from the Angkor gateway. But if you depart from Phnom Penh, take the 4-hour bus ride, which is mostly selected by the overseas backpackers.

Bamboo Train in Battambang Cambodia

Bamboo Train in Battambang Cambodia

The top places for backpackers in Cambodia above are also the best destinations to visit in most of the Cambodian itineraries. Just pay 25 cents for a cup of beer and three dollars for a bed. Obviously, this country is the ideal venue for all backpackers to enjoy the freedom of traveling, without worry much about the money matter. Sorting out those sites to backpack in Cambodia, your Indochina travel becomes as fantastic as wished. Due to what types of travelers you are, the budget for Backpacking Cambodia varies, but the lowest range is around USD$20 – USD$25 per day. The adventure is surprisingly inexpensive and easy that urges the backpackers to be glad to return.

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