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Millions of the traveler tour to Siem Reap Cambodia to visit the well-known Angkor Wat, and besides the celebrated religious monuments, there preserves the ancient Bayon Temple with many faces in the stone. Sometimes, visitors feel that these faces are smiling down at them, which ignites the thrill of adventure in the lost world. Bayon […]

Cambodia Tourism has been attracting a considerable number of travelers to its local markets, including Orussey Market in Phnom Penh. The local markets of the Kingdom provide great shopping and cultural experiences that all overseas visitors appreciate. If you like the abundance of local products in Phsar Thom Thmei (Central Market of Phnom Penh), then […]

One destination that is rarely included in the Cambodia Tour Packages but very famous in the domestic belief for intact beauty, fresh setting, and the picturesque view is Yeak Laom Lake. It is a crater lake after the volcanic eruption around 4,000 years ago. Not only does this natural like stand out as a hot […]

Cambodia is a very next fascinating country to see in the Indochina region, and how to explore Cambodia in most exciting ways ever keep calling travelers to this country. Experiences like exploring antique temples, cruising on Mekong River, eating scrumptious food, etc., urge people to add Cambodia to their bucket lists. #1: Seek thrill in […]

If Cambodia will soon become your next culinary destination, it’s important to come with tips on how to find best street places to eat in Cambodia. While the local food is surely appetizing and the food tour is full of interesting experiences, the additional knowledge ensures you to stop at the right eateries to fulfill […]

Also named “Love Island,” Song Saa Private Island Cambodia appears to be glamorous, paradisiac, and luxurious. It is located next to charming Vietnam, but not many tourists experience it. The very next destination to discover in the Indochina region should be Cambodia – an existing tourist paradise for “beautiful and unique” tours. Together with Angkor […]

Cambodia is a country steeped in history, tradition, and clothing, which urges tourists to try dressing like the locals, and how to wear Cambodia traditional dress becomes an interesting activity. Knowing the essential information about the traditional dresses in Cambodia will aid you in wearing the right outfits for the fantastic photos and joyful experiences. #1: […]

Cambodia is not all about the visit to Angkor Wat. This country also has fantastic settings to stimulate various outdoor activities. Put simply, there is no lack of excitement in this country of mystery. And if you are looking for the unique and little-known experiences in Cambodia, just think out of the box and carry […]

The quality of silk in Cambodia has been improved in recent years, and Takeo Silk Village Cambodia is a cradle of the premium and beautiful silk items that you’ve ever wanted to find. Not only does Takeo Cambodia preserve the pre-Angkorian temple ruins of the 5th – 8th century, but this province is also recognizable […]

Cambodian Krama scarves remain fashionable, trendy, and multi-use that continues to attracts travelers to visit the country and buy the symbolic piece of cloth. With a Krama scarf, you can wear it around the neck or the head. Not only does this item keep you warm, but it also enhances the taste of fashion and […]