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People know about the Kingdom of Cambodia as a “unique, cheap, and mysterious” tourist destination in Southeast Asia, inspired by media about Angkor Wat or Koh Rong, but this country has more than that, particularly with top 10 reasons to visit Cambodia in 2021. While some visitors might come for the Khmer food, others might […]

If it is a rewarding vacation of 3 weeks and you’re finding a worthwhile itinerary, then opt for the 20-day Vietnam and Cambodia Tours associated with some extra days in Laos. This grand vacation will pinpoint the essentials of Indochina, namely the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in each country (Hoi An Old Town, Luang Prabang, […]

Cambodia is a country full of surprises, from magnificent Angkor Wat to horrified Killing Fields and the insect foods in Cambodia. It serves unusual dishes to the Khmer people and foreign guests who might need a lot of courage to eat and evaluate the taste. The strongly-seasoned and deep-fried insects might taste good to somebody, […]

How is Kep now in Cambodia is the frequent question for travelers considering to go there. Kep Cambodia used to be the most popular beach town of the country, but due to the hard past, it was no longer as attractive as desired. But, it still has fans who want to know about its current […]

Some people wish to see the majestic Angkor Wat at least once in their life, and it’s obvious that many of them can easily make wishes true via Cambodia Itinerary 5 Days. The package ensures productive time in Angkor Archaeological Park as well as more time in the less-seen attractions. Popular Tourist Attractions in Siem […]

Since 2016, Angkor Wat tourists have been officially required to be careful about what they should wear during the respectful temple visits. To avoid the awkward or even legally-complicated situations, the temple visitors should follow the new dress code that their shoulders and knees should always be covered. What to Wear in Angkor Wat and […]

While traveling to Angkor Wat is always a top thing to do, looking for places to stay near Angkor Wat can help tourists save time and money to explore the wonders of temples, especially if they buy the 3-Day Pass or 7-Day Pass. To answer the question “Where to sleep,” here is a list of […]

Something fantastic might occur when you and your little companions enter Angkor Wat archaeological complex, and this Angkor Wat Guide with kids can definitely help. The rewarding trip to the Angkor can provide your kids with great learning opportunities and sightseeing experiences in the magnificent wonders, especially if they are keen on “the lost empire” […]

If you are looking for an extensive package to fully discover “the Kingdom of Khmer,” then Cambodia Itinerary 2 weeks is an ideal journey to start. The 2-week program will take you to the best destinations throughout the country. It’s certain to visit Phnom Penh, Kroche, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap, Battambang, Tonle Sap, […]

Going to a new place on a bicycle can make the trip differently exciting, and many bikers are fond of the Cambodia itinerary 1 week with the biking and walking activities in the quiet trails. Journeys on the two-wheel vehicle provide flexibility and freedom that some tourists want in order to discover things on their […]