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Cambodia with the Angkor has made its fame beyond the national borders. Going through the long history of Khmer civilization, the modern Cambodia is left with many Khmer temples and pagodas which are set peacefully amidst the dense forests, pristine beaches, and mysterious caves. This mystic country attracts travelers worldwide, including the citizens of United […]

Cambodia has long been attracting many vacationers all over the world who are keen on both the unique Angkor archaeological sites and pristine countryside nature. Also, the country is reputable for the warm welcome, delectable food, and Khmer culture. Anybody who is going to travel to Cambodia from India should come prepared to the country […]

Cambodia is an attractive destination in Indochina lands as well as the whole Southeast Asia. The country is noticeable for rich resources of pagodas, the laid-back atmosphere, virgin beaches, and the magnificent Angkor. Travel to Cambodia from USA seems to be the fantastic choice for the American citizens who seek for something antique, pristine, and […]

Kampot is recognized for the incomparable laid-back and “lazy” atmosphere in most of its corners in the Cambodian land. While somebody appreciates the traditional Khmer foods in the beautiful Kampot, the others prefer exploring what Kampot nightlife is about. Some of your friends may say that this pretty town doesn’t have much to play at […]

Being one of the hottest culinary spots in Cambodia, Kampot is now on the power to attract the tourists worldwide. Have you gone to Kampot? Besides the rustic and wonderful nature, this remote area is recognized for the traditional Khmer foods served in many public restaurants and street food stalls. If it is your first travel […]

The tranquil Kampot town of Cambodia is going to captivate the tourists to explore its enigma, and in fact, many people have arrived at this beautiful town. If it is your first time to travel to Kampot, a good guide about where to stay in Kampot surely helps. During Cambodia leisure tour packages, no one […]

Almost holidaymakers do not like sleeping early when they come to a new destination; they love exploring the nightlife, of course. In that sense, travel to Battambang won’t be complete if you miss a chance to see Battambang nightlife. Though this town is neither spotlighted with the kicking night party hubs nor the live music […]

The accommodation affair in Battambang Cambodia has been innovated drastically in these days to serve vacationers who have tastes for the budget or deluxe lodgings. The new hotels and resorts are constantly popping up across the town. Travel to Battambang, the new guests find dozens of digs to select, and it’s uneasy for the newcomers […]

Though Battambang, Cambodia has no exquisite beach and no impressive Angkor temple, the city remains attractive, friendly, and interesting to tourists. One of the greatest traits of Battambang lies in its extensive set of excellent restaurants to serve the patrons worldwide. As the primary rules, the best restaurants have the best foods; it is crucial […]

If you intend to have a night out in Phnom Penh, this destination promises to entertain your night out with lots of vibrant bars and venues after the sun goes down. Phnom Penh is the very charming party town with numerous dance clubs, pubs, sports bars, discos, hostess bars, and so forth. Just evaluate the […]