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Searching for the ideal getaway options to save your sweetest moments of honeymoon holiday? The full competence of the indulgent attractions in Cambodia assures you and the life mate to perfect the honeymoon with the highest notch of happiness. Cambodian Honeymoons are now in favor of many honeymooners who want to escape together the bustling […]

Cambodia has some excellent beaches for diving as well as scuba diving, and you will never displease with what the nation’s beaches naturally offer. Sihanoukville Beach is the most outstanding destination in Cambodia where the beach lovers gather to enjoy such exciting water sport. The activities of diving and scuba diving leave the diver with […]

When traveling to a new land, you all may share the robust interest in shopping the local specialties and identified souvenirs that tell the world that you have visited that destination. Besides, the quality of the bought items is also excellent enough to urge you to open the wallet. In that sense, memorize your Cambodia […]

If Cambodia is your next chosen destination to explore, there are many good reasons for you NOT to miss the Battambang site. Whether or not you have searched for Battambang and looked at its beautiful pictures, this tourist spot is worth well a go for the everlasting memory. An Introduction about Battambang, Cambodia Battambang is […]

Kampong Cham will never fail to fulfill your traveling interest and needs for peace. It is the third largest city in Cambodia that set on the central lowlands of the Mekong River. Kampong Cham is predominantly lowlands and receives the alluvial support from Mekong River. Nowadays, this destination grows to be the ideal retreat where […]

Kampong Thom is the capital of the province with the same name. It is the second biggest province by area in Cambodia and covers the approximate of 30,000 people living on the banks of the Stung Sen River. The land is famous for many important Angkorian ruins including Prasat Sambor Prei Kuk and Prasat Andet […]

If your adventurous spirits have not yet fulfilled, and you’re now eager to explore the new isolated destination of Indochina region, Ratanakiri is the very good spot in Cambodia to consider. Being settled in the far northeast of Cambodia, the remote Ratanakiri destination contains up to 70% ethnic minority. Gradually, the rural destination is discovered […]

Mondulkiri is the mountainous province of Cambodia. It’s bordered by Kratie province (to the west), Stung Treng (to the northwest), Ratanakiri (to the north), and Vietnam country (to the east and south. Though the land area of Mondulkiri is very large, it is the most sparsely inhabited province in Cambodia. With the sparse population, Mondulkiri […]

People are always advised to transform their life for the betterment, and one of the best effective means of transformation is to experience a new tour. Travelling is powerful. So if you’re about to be on tour, let us take you directly to Kep and Kampot destinations in Cambodia. The two tranquil towns give you […]

Beach is the endless inspiration for us to regain the lost energy and revitalize the whole body. When standing in front of beaches, we say out loud the inner worries and get them alleviated. The sorrow will be taken far away, peace and energy are kept. So if you are looking for the ideally quiet […]