Located in the city center, Cambodia Cultural Village in Siem Reap is an interesting place to see when you’re there and want to watch the authentic Khmer performances of culture in a village. Not only does Siem Reap wins the reputation for the gateway to the majestic Angkor Wat, but it is also noted for the Cultural Village in which the Khmer artists perform their culture and engage the visitors. The colorful costumes will be on display while the cultural activities will be carried out on the spot.

Khmer Wedding Show at Cambodia Culture Village

Khmer Wedding Ceremony Show at Cambodia Cultural Village

The Cultural Performances and Village Concept in Cambodian Cultural Village (CCV)

On the cultural adventure of Cambodia, make sure you visit the Khmer Cultural Village Siem Reap which is ideal for a day tour in Siem Reap. In a theme park of 210,000 square meters and opened in 2003, there includes the areas for the museum, exhibition zones, village models, historical relics, and performance stages. The cultural performances are to inform foreign guests of the Khmer culture and introduce them to the Khmer artists. Operated for 15 years, the CCV has been attracting visitors for various highlights. In particular, the special models of the ancient Khmer villages are the strong magnets. You can witness how the antique bamboo Khmer houses look like, with or without the stone carved tablets. The village opens the way for foreigners to know the traditional world and belief of the genuine Khmer people as well as some other hill tribes in Cambodia.

The exhibits also tell much about the history and culture of the land. You’ll see objects describing the traditional wedding and rituals to select a groom in Kroeung Village, the sacrificial sacrificial rites, and the worshiping ceremony to pray for the fruitful harvest, the different dancing like Apsara in the Millionaire House, the peacock dancing of Burmese group in Kola Village, etc. Some guests feel much surprised at the Wax Museum which owns the wax figures telling the transitional changes of the locals’ life in some periods. Especially, there are wax works that tell stories about the construction of the 12th-century magnificent Angkor Wat.

Another indispensable highlight of this Cultural Village in Siem Reap Province is the high-quality and carefully prepared cultural shows. The village area has stages for the artists to perform, with the best costumes, reasonable duration, charming acting ways, and interactive activities. The performance is very engaging when a guest can be invited to play a major role in the sketch. Though some are reluctant, others find it exciting to become a king, a queen, a prince, or a princess even just in some fleeting minutes. Performed in minutes, the cultural shows in CCV such as circus, traditional wedding ceremony, peacock dancing, elephant shows, acrobatics, etc., leave the beautiful impression about the kingdom and the Khmer culture to the foreign travelers.

Another show at Cambodia Culture Village

Another show at Cambodia Cultural Village

Check in the Cambodian Cultural Village Siem Reap

Built amidst the spectacular scenery, the Khmer stilted houses in this Cultural Village in Siem Reap establish the beautiful miniatures of the Khmer village for foreign guests to check in. There are houses that tell culture and custom of up to 11 ethnic groups. Getting there, you’re discovering the peaceful Cambodian village miniature where preserves the long-lasting culture and lifestyle.

In the local cultural village concept, the theme park welcomes all visitors, at the ticket of USD15. Inside the park are the locations for show performances which are alive and entertaining. Please do not expect the level of “Disneyland theme park” when you are in this Cambodian Cultural Village Siem Reap as its highlights are only the Cambodian villages and cultural performances, not the fantastically themed lands! Things here are about culture, so don’t disregard the visit if you favor the Cambodian culture.

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