Battambang and the Northwest of Cambodia

Provided that you get plans for the dreaming vacation but still have not decided the to-go destination yet, please pay Cambodia a visit! In particular, Battambang and the Northwest region are famous for the long-lasting collection of the holy statues in the shapes of divinities and animals. In that sense, Battambang has the essential for Cambodia adventure tour in which you can explore the sacred land spotlighted with the religious relics scattered throughout the regions. The most famous statue reflects the ancient Khmer King, who holds a stick to pull down the revolt in Battambang. Legendarily, the presence of the statue results in the name of Battambang meaning the land of the statues.

Therefore, if you experience Cambodia tour package in Battambang and the Northwestern region, expect to see numerous intriguing statues along the roads! Don’t forget to capture the favorite statues for the later sharing with the whole world. The others will admire your episodes in Cambodia. More and more adventurers have been convinced of the attractiveness and mysteriousness of Battambang.

And, the Cambodia adventure tour to this interesting town will be fulfilled with the informative discovery of Battambang highlights namely Governors Residence, Gold Buddha Hill, White Elephant Pagoda, Banteay Sat, Wat Ek Phnom, Battambang Museum, etc. If any of these antique Khmer ruins inspires your interest, just come to explore them in person one day! The religiously fertile town is picturesque and tranquil that brings you the year-round pleasure. Besides the history value, Battambang is ideal for ecotourism as well as religious architecture practice. Be nimble-footed to arrive in Battambang to cherish its unparalleled history, nature, and culture!

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Battambang is sometimes referred to be the laid-back and lovely riverside destination in Cambodia. But not many people know that this town is also historical and cultural with the indispensable significance for the whole country. Want to rest in a hassle-free and idyllic place in Cambodia? Your choice should be Battambang. About Battambang in Cambodia […]