Eastern Cambodia – Cambodia adventure tour to Mondulkiri, Ratanakiri, Kampong Thom…

If Cambodia is your desired destination for the next holiday, then it’s totally agreed that you have made the excellent choice. Particularly, the Cambodia tour package to the Eastern Cambodia assures you to get the valuable peace and comfort in Mondulkiri, the exotic discovery in Ratanakiri, and the memorable escape in Kampong Thom. The east of Cambodia is marked with the momentous complex of ancient Khmer ruins, the rustic villages, and the rich wildlife. While Kampong Thom protects the grandeur of Khmer temples, Ratanakiri is home to the neat Cambodia-style houses, and Mondulkiri is the mountainous green land.

Each of the mentioned destinations is wonderful for the Cambodia adventure tour in which you enjoy venturing into the lush forest, the exotic villages, or the Khmer age-old ruins excitingly. More and more interesting episodes of Cambodia adventure tour have been greatly made by the travelers who are eager to share their real-time experiences in this enigmatic country with the whole world. It is truly the unforgettable adventure that you cherish until getting old.

The colorful picture of the Eastern Cambodia can be drawn out well via the Cambodia package tour to this region. While some tourists are highly impressed by the sincere and easy-going characteristics of the local people in Ratanakiri, the others inevitably admire the intriguing grandeur of the Kampong Thom as well as the unbeatable greenness of Mondulkiri. Provided that you buy our words, please head towards the east of Cambodia – the different horizon that takes you to the basics of life and brings you the eco-friendly feeling. Indochina Charm Travel perfects your Cambodia escape for sure. Please contact us right away!

Kratie in Cambodia is a little yet spectacular town which lies on the banks of the mighty Mekong River. The destination is ideal for backpackers and thrill-seekers who look for the primeval beauty of Cambodian nature. With the valuable French colonial buildings and the bewitching islands, a new worthy destination to be explored today is […]

Ratanakiri in Cambodia stands out as an ideal destination for the adventurous explorers who are keen on the remote and untamed beauty. If Cambodia is your next chosen destination for an Indochina journey, then consider a valuable spot in the far northeast named Ratanakiri. Ratanakiri Province (meaning “Mountain of Jewels”) is located in the remote […]

Mondulkiri in Cambodia is a mountainous and primitive destination that travelers might come to find a peaceful shelter indeed. If you’re fed up with the bustling city life, it’s time to find something pristine, tranquil, and charming. And, a worthy choice now and always is Mondulkiri. About Mondulkiri in Cambodia This mountainous province of Cambodia […]