Phnom Penh and Around – Things to see in Phnom Penh

How about a happy journey to a promising land like Cambodia? The Cambodia tour packages are competent enough to cheer you up in the touristy destinations of Phnom Penh and around. While Phnom Penh is the must-see capital and hot spot of Cambodia, the surrounding area is spotlighted with Tonle Sap Lake and Kampong Cham. Admittedly, the sightseeing Phnom Penh Tours keep your eyes open and bright towards various historical monuments whose architecture is intriguing and imposing.

The sightseeing around Phnom Penh truly interests the newcomers who have just a few or even no idea about what this capital is about. And even if you have read much about it, the Phnom Penh Tours are still attractive when your eyes are feasted greatly with the lavish sites like Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, The King Fields, Wat Phnom, and Koh Dach Island. Proudly speaking, Cambodia classic tours in Phnom Penh are the complete channels to explore Phnom Penh and the surrounding idyllic Tone Lake or the powerful Kampong Cham town. With Cambodia classic tours, you never miss any highlight of the “Land of a Million Elephants”.

The other fantastic option is Cambodia Cruise Tour on the poetic Tonle Sap Lake where to capture the best photos ever. The cruise trip on the large freshwater river soothe your racing mind, and you then feel comfortable to sightsee and photograph the picturesque riverscape. The images of the simple boats, friendly locals, and floating houses on the river attract every eye, and you might find it hard to find elsewhere with the same scene. There are around 160 villages here that include houses, restaurants, churches, souvenir shops that are all floating. What a special scenery in Cambodia!

Kampong Cham in Cambodia is the third largest city of the country. This city has proximity to Phnom Penh, and functions as the significant trading and transportation hub. Tourists today have known about Kampong Cham and visited it on a daily basis. Though the destination is noted for the countryside scenarios, it is also charming […]

Phnom Penh is the must-see destination in Cambodia that always has its name ranked highly. Whether you find Phnom Penh in paper or picture, the city of Cambodia brings you to the antique and charming capital of Khmers. If you want to see the city used to be called “The Pearl of Asia,” then come […]

There stand various interesting spots within the easy reach of Phnom Penh. Your Cambodia holidays to the coolest examples of the historical monuments at Tuol Sleng or the legendary Wat Phnom help you gain a glimpse of the Cambodian countryside. While Phnom Penh is the capital and also the largest city of Cambodia, its surrounding […]

When it comes to any discussion about Cambodia tourist destinations, it can’t help talking about the Tonle Sap Lake (also called Large Fresh Water River or the Great Lake). You may have the special passion for Angkor Wat and the endless interest in Phnom Penh, but you should not always miss a short boat trip […]