Cambodia floating village homestay might sound new and appealing to many individuals who are looking for the different, interesting, and hilarious days in the country. Staying overnight on the floating houses on the scenic Tonle Sap Lake is enjoyable. Besides the famous Angkor Wat, the country now has attractive homestay services.

Kampong Luong Floating Village on Tonle Sap for Cambodia Homestay

In particular, tourists have been visiting the Kampong Luong Floating Village on Tonle Sap Lake. As the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, Tonle Sap is famous for the scenic beauty and praiseworthy peace. This Lake owns some unique characteristics namely the changing directions and different level of water during the wet and dry seasons. The seasonal shrinking and expansion of the lake drive Kampong Luong Floating Village to change the locations throughout the year.

The differences of water level can be as much as 3 feet (in the dry season) and 30 feet (during the rainy season). So if you experience Cambodia village homestay on the floating houses during the dry season, the accommodation will move further into the Lake. Then, during the rainy season when the water volume increases, it moves back closer to the land.

Kampong Luong Floating Village on Tonle Sap

Kampong Luong Floating Village on Tonle Sap

Top Activities If You Experience Floating Village Homestay in Cambodia

The boat trip is a must to do during your Cambodia homestay this way. The hosts are willing to serve you with the boat trip around the spectacular Tonle Sap Lake. Take time sightseeing. While the scenery is stunning enough to feast the eyes, the locals are very friendly and amiable. Getting started from the floating houses in Kampong Luong, the cruise trip is quite informative, which lets you view the local life activities on the riversides as well as the water flows in the well-known Lake.

On this Cambodia Tour, try cooking in the floating kitchen. There is a back area in the house for people to cook and prepare the meal. If wanted, you can get the hands-on experiences in cooking the Khmer food, processing the ingredients, and using the utensils from a corner of the kitchen. By giving the host a hand, you take part in their culture and lifestyle in an authentic and lovely way. Note that the meal will be served on the folding tables, and you can also watch TV on that floating house.

Relax in the hammocks hung on the balconies. This place is ideal for sleeping and resting much, thanks to the comfortable feeling and cool wind. In fact, people find it easy to fall asleep after some minutes of laying heads in the hammocks. Another great hobby is to read books while you’re lounging. Otherwise, just lay there and view what is going on in the floating villages.

Homestay at Kampong Luong Floating Village

Homestay at Kampong Luong Floating Village

Next, chat with the hosts if you would love to know more about their daily lives. Some hosts are good at English, and they are ready to talk and share. You might also see something strange such as a monkey chained to the floating house, so just ask why. There are some kids around the corners, and some might surprise you via using the plastic object to slide their boats.

Buy food stuff from the floating markets. The merchants and their boats might approach your homestay houses. So, get the chance to try buying things if you want. Surrounding Kampong Luong – the largest floating village in Cambodia, are the grocery shops, church, school, temple, and ice-making factory.

Watch the magical sunset. In the right moment, view the sunset over the beautiful Lake as well as other floating house. The view from the hammock or the village homestay is second-to-none. Then, expect to go to bed early, around 7:00 PM.

Many tourists experience Cambodia homestay in floating villages, and they are all glad they did it. Contact the local travel agency Indochina Charm Travel Cambodia at to plan your trip!

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