Searching for Cambodia Homestay Battambang, the second largest city in Cambodia, most of the guests are likely to come across the website of Battambang My Homestay. This is actually the guesthouse which promises the homestay-like experiences in the kingdom country. Travelers have been sharing with each other about this address – a big recommendation to go there.

Great Experiences at Battambang My Homestay

Battambang My Homestay is located at #359, Group 16, Sangkat Chamcarsomrong, Battambang Province. This is really a nice place for meeting the Khmer people and experiencing the culture, recommended by lots of travelers via TripAdvisor. Most of the visitors agree that this place owns the very friendly staff who are available to support with willingness and big smiles. While the room conditions are in the Khmer standards, the Khmer breakfast is genuine to learn about the local cuisine.

Also in this spot, you can rent bicycles to roam around the lovely riverside city which is featured with many French colonial buildings, antique temples, and traditional villages. With no luxurious resort or skyscrapers, Battambang wins the tourists’ attention to the peaceful and green landscape, the French-style houses grouped along the riverbank and the Khmer temple ruins. There are lots of highlights to explore while you’re biking around the town. Besides, from Battambang My Homestay, it’s feasible to catch a tuk-tuk to get around. As recommended, people should experience the morning bike tour and the afternoon tuk-tuk tour. Often, it costs one dollar to move from the guesthouse to the town by tuk-tuk.

In general, Battambang My Homestay is a place for exchanging culture and building the friendship. You’re likely to meet the friendly locals and other foreign guests who travel to Battambang for some interests, which can be in the bamboo train, the gold Buddha hill, or the revered Sampeou Hill. It’s indeed a nice idea to make a group and together discover the fantastic town via the morning bike tour. It also takes a few minutes to reach the city center by walking from this guesthouse.

Set in the tranquil areas, this Battambang Cambodia Accommodation lets you feel the quiet rural town, apart from the bustling Siem Reap or elsewhere. As a house to some of the friendliest people on the earth, Battambang My Homestay is where to meet the real Khmer people who welcome you to their lovely town. The hosts and hostesses will personally talk to the guests and get to know them. They are there to assist you in arranging tickets and transportation to the preferred tourist attractions, ensuring you to get the local prices without a need to bargain. The day tours and vehicle rentals are the two convenient services offered by this Battambang Guesthouse Cambodia.

Get to Battambang for Homestay and More Great Things to Do

While the town owns incomparable peace and easy-going vibe, some great things to do in Battambang Cambodia are as follows:

  • Relish the yummy Khmer food
  • Biking to get around the city corners
  • Enjoy kayaking to access the floating houses
  • Climb Sampeou Hill (the Ship Mountain)
  • Try riding a bamboo train
  • Visit the Gold Buddha Hill
  • Discover the traditional Dang Tung Village (the intact and ecotourism site)

Amongst these top activities, make sure you do not skip the bamboo train! Lots of backpackers and vacationers have chosen to visit the off-the-beaten-track Battambang in Cambodia, instead of the bustling Siem Reap or the charming Phnom Penh or the world-known Angkor. So, come to see whether the town appeals to you during some days and nights. And if you think of the homestay, then Battambang My Homestay is a great recommendation to check in.

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