When traveling to a new land, you all may share the robust interest in shopping the local specialties and identified souvenirs that tell the world that you have visited that destination. Besides, the quality of the bought items is also excellent enough to urge you to open the wallet. In that sense, memorize your Cambodia trips by knowing what to buy in this enigmatic country.  Cambodia promises to fulfill your shopping interest with numerous worthwhile items.

A Small Talk about Cambodia Shopping

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are two commercial centers in Cambodia where you greatly find the Cambodia souvenirs, silks, handicrafts, curios, etc. Both the traditional markets and the chic boutiques here shower you with the unlimited opportunities to buy a variety of rewarding items like the Angkorian and Buddhist themed carvings, hand-pounded silverwork, krama (the Khmer checkered scarf), statuary, and more. While the traditional markets take you to the wonderful collection of the traditional souvenirs, the boutique shops please you with the exclusive Cambodian fashion, gift, and accessory. 

So, What To Buy When You Are On A Cambodia Tour?

#1: Cambodian Silks

Prized by the silk collectors worldwide, the Cambodian silks are famous for their hand-loomed patterns made by the traditional technique of dying the threads. The raw and fine silks are widely found in the local bolts, clothes, and sarongs. Along the town, there is a place called the Russian Market associated with many silk shops and boutiques where you buy the silk clothing, accessory, and soft furnishing.

#2: Art, Exhibitions, and Galleries

Without a doubt, the Cambodian art has been promoted strongly by the new generation of the Cambodia artists who confidently exhibit their artworks in the art spaces. There exist many spots where you witness the innovative art exhibitions and galleries such as the Bophana Center, The Chinese House, Meta House, Java Café & Gallery, Romeet Contemporay Art Space, etc. When you join the artistic ambiance, just pick up the favorable painting or any other artwork that allures you!

#3: Silverwork

As the preferable souvenir, the silver areca containers are created in some interesting shapes of animal, fruit, and vegetable. With the lovely form, the Cambodian silverworks win the praises from the tourists who are looking for a special souvenir for their grandmas who love chewing the areca.

#4: Statuary

You find lots of replicas of the Angkorian works made in stone, wood, and brass in Cambodia. The statues of Buddha and Hindu gods embraces the value of beauty and art. The bestselling piece is reported to be the replica of an Angkorian bust of Jayavarman VII with the elegant lines and lovely smile.

#5: Agricultural product

You find some of the world’s finest black pepper in Cambodia. Besides, the coffee, tea, and palm wine here stand out as the special and practical gifts.

#6: Modern Fashion and Accessory

The traditional Khmer clothing and accessory have been modernized with the contemporary trends. So, expect to find the stylish bags with the Khmer krama pattern or the fashionable dresses modeled with the Cambodia method of looming. Also, you can customize the shoes, boots, belts, bags, wallets, and any other leather product; just select from the catalog or take a model to be duplicated!

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