Cambodia Travel Guide

Touring with a good guide on hand help smoothen your experiences and strengthen your memory. As Cambodia is a new land to you, it’s necessary to visit the land with Cambodia Travel Guide. Reading the Guide will never be the redundant step. Most of us know that Cambodia is the home of many temples, but which temples are the best to visit? Instead of wandering around the insignificant sites, you’d better come directly to the most remarkable Highlights of Cambodia, and our Guide will inform you about that.

Yes, Angkor Wat is the most un-missable site as it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cambodia. The Cambodians take the Wat with pride. Also, there stand some excellent options to feast the eyes including Phnom Penh, Tonle Sap Lake, Sihanokville, Battambang, Kep and Kampot, etc. In addition to knowing what destinations to settle for hours, the successful tourists also need the Guides on the critical topics of Cambodia Introduction, Best Time to Visit Cambodia, Cambodian Foods, Cambodian Architecture, Religions in Cambodia, Festivals in Cambodia, and Angkor Temples Visit Tips.

As the country that combines the Indochina charm and energy with the timeless spirituality, Cambodia is full of surprises. If you begin a tour with the complete guides on the country’s foods, architecture, religions and festivals, you can get the best tailor-made holidays as wished. Want to reach the heart of the enigmatic country? We are sure that our Guides are what you need to end up the Cambodian trips with the pleasurable memory. Some guests even announce that they forget the latest trips to somewhere as it leaves them no impression. But with Cambodia and our Cambodia Travel Guide, memory will last forever.

What are Thrilling Cambodia Travel Experiences? Kampot Cambodia is blessed with rivers, beaches, and mountains, and have proximity to the Kep Beach City, so Bokor Hill and Kep Beach are the two must-see highlights combined in a Cambodia tour package. In that sense, climbing Bokor Hill and swimming in Kep Beach are the thrilling ideas […]

Battambang is a nice city in Cambodia that calls for travelers’ interest. This city is the shining spot on the Southeast Asian tourism map that you should not miss by all means. To answer your questions of why to visit Battambang, here are the 5 most reasonable answers. Battambang is, in fact, ignored by some […]

Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia are gifted with marvelous and pristine beaches featuring the transparently jade water linked to the white, smooth sand bank. Both islands are ideal for vacationers worldwide who are longing for a true retreat. Without a doubt, both own unique charm and perfect settings for various water sports […]

Angkor Archaeological Park is amongst the most significant archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. The ancient complex spreads more than 400km2, including the spacious forested region in which the ancient remnants of the Khmer Empire (from the 9th to the 15th centuries) are magnificently preserved. The Park holds the renowned Temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, […]

Cambodia has long been admitted as the fascinating destination in the Indochina regions and also the whole Asia. The tourists are amazingly falling in love with the land’s rich collection of pagodas and temples in every of its corners. Meanwhile, nature here is surely eye-catching and exquisite. So, if you are going to visit the […]

Angkor Temples were predominantly built up for the religious purposes. While some of the Angkor sites were used as the Hindu temples, the rest were the Buddhist temples. At present, most of the Angkorian important temples store at least several Buddha statues. A constant stream of monks and worshippers has been increased recently. More and […]

Traveling in the right moments of Cambodian Festivals helps the tourists to get the absolute fun and joy. Your Cambodian Tours will never lack excitement if you join in some of the national key festivals. According to the Cambodian lunar calendar, the Kingdom of Cambodia is rich in the traditional and cultural festivals that are […]

A short yet informative guide about religions in Cambodia turns to be very helpful to almost any tourist worldwide. With a good head about the Cambodian religions, you can travel to this secretive destination and its famous temples in the most interesting manner.  The Religions In Cambodia – What You Should Always Know About 95% […]

The matters of whether a land is attractive to the tourists partly depend on its architecture. That is the reason why we put a short guide about Cambodian Architecture here. The unique creativity and timeless spirituality of the ancient Khmer had left Cambodia with dozens of special structures for mankind to study, explore, and contemplate. […]

The different travelers usually tour to a new destination for various interests. While some travel as the history fanciers, the others come for the picturesque setting, and the rest prefer enjoying the land’s cuisine. So if you’re about to visit Cambodia the next time, it’s important to get acknowledged about the Cambodian Foods. Know that […]