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Cambodia Government confirmed in Phnom Penh that there would be tourism visa of three years with multiple entries for the Chinese and South Korean tourists to stimulate these two key markets.

The Kampucheanews agency reported that the Ministry of Tourism has proposed the multiple entries Cambodia visa to attract more visitors and investors.

The news report did not precise when the new visa would be introduced, but this has been the subject of discussion since the beginning of this year.

The Chinese and the South Koreans are identified in the list of top 10 sources for tourism in the country. Last year, the Chinese tourists were ranked in second position with 694.712 visitors, an increase of over 24.0% compared to the year 2014, while the South Koreans in fourth position with 395.259 visitors, a decrease of 6.9% compared to 2015.

The strategy should help Cambodia to achieve a goal to welcome 7.5 million foreign tourists in 2020, hoping revenue of 5 billion USD each year and 1 million jobs.

In 2015, the country attracted 4.77 million international passengers, up 6.1% from 2014. The country has granted Cambodia visa exemption for all ASEAN members or citizens fromAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations. The citizens of other countries can obtain a Cambodia visa on arrival (USD30) or business visa (USD35) for a stay of 30 days in maximum.