Cambodia hosts Asia’s most delightful and exclusive cuisine for the incomparable eating experience. It’s uneasy to find any other country like Cambodia where the Khmer foods have long been preserved and developed. People mostly agree that the Cambodian Foods are secretive and less known to the world; but they are very tasteful with the mouth-watering nuances of the Khmer cuisine, indicating the country’s history and culture.

For all good reasons, the cooking tour to Cambodia gives you one of the finest culinary experiences. Besides, you get the hands-on cooking practice from the professional chefs at the Cambodia’s famous restaurants, villages, or houses. Particularly, the Siem Reap Food Tours promote your culinary adventure greatly.

Siem Reap Food Tours – Enjoy Taste Of Cambodian Food

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Provided that you are going on the Siem Reap Food Tours, your morning and evening are fulfilled with the finest Cambodian foods and hands-on cooking experiences. From the heart of Siem Reap, the culinary tourists get much knowledge of the Cambodian life, cuisine, and culture. From the delicious noodles and fresh seafood to the street food and snacks, the bustling local markets in Cambodia give you the authentic culinary joy.

Be confident to relish the Cambodia specialties in the Kingdom of Wonder! It’s good to travel with a guide so that you set foot in the finest vendors or restaurants. From the interesting tuk-tuk, the foodies can feast the eyes with lots of street stalls along the sides. Of course, you can also indulge the palate with some kinds of street snacks; for example, the Khmer delicacy called prahok.

The morning Siem Reap Cooking Tour takes you to the lively Siem Reap markets. Along the scenic route, you pass through the green rice paddies, villages, and Angkorian temples. This exciting tour pleases every tourist who arrives in the heart of Cambodia – Siem Reap. When it comes to the evening, the night markets, street food stalls, and small restaurants let you taste lots of special Cambodian dishes. For instance, the frogs stuffed with kroeung (a fragrant curry paste) are the outstanding example of Khmer cuisine. Also, do not miss Cambodia beer! The evening Food Tour is the very interesting way to learn about the food in both Siem Reap and Cambodia.

Cambodia Cooking Class

The cuisine fanciers today can even customize the Cambodian Culinary Tours by asking for the hands-on cooking class. You can join the interactive and authentic cooking experience in the Cambodia’s village, home, vegetable garden, or restaurant. There are many tips and tricks around the Khmer cuisine to learn from the professional chefs. In the inspiring outdoor atmosphere, the cooking class is run with the energetic interaction between the chefs and the “students”.

After the learning time, you can together sit back, relax, and enjoy the meals made by you. Along with that, the restaurants can also serve you with the finest Cambodian dishes ever. The chefs there will tell you some of the significant secrets about the Cambodian cuisine or Khmer cuisine. The most fantastic places for the real-time cooking class in Cambodia are Tigre de Papier, RiverGarden, Sojourn, Hariharalaya Retreat Centre, and Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor. Just take them as the useful references for your next food tour to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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