Ideas of small group tours Cambodia are perfectly designed for amateur photographers, enthusiastic foodie, solo or sociable travelers, and curious explorers who dislike the whistle-stop sightseeing trips. This travel covers no hassle. Rather, it offers the carefully prepared itinerary and seasoned tour guide for the genuine and real-life episodes in Cambodia. The small group tour to Cambodia serves ample experiences in famous places of interest, homestay, villages, street food, photo opportunities, and chummy Khmer people. Here is an efficient guide to begin with.

Read the carefully planned itinerary in Cambodia Small Group Tours

First, Cambodia Small Group Tours go with the carefully planned itinerary. You can take it easy to pick the tours of preference as there are many options. The tours for small groups can take you to Angkor complex or Khmer food, villages or ancient sites, which all aim to help you discover the best in the country. The celebrated sites and hidden treasures that independent tourists might miss are put in the itinerary. The packages bring real-life experiences that go beyond simple sightseeing.

Typically, a small group has a maximum of 12 to 16 members. Sometimes, Cambodia tours for small groups also run for a group of 10 travelers. This group can stay in the little accommodation owned by the locals which enable close interaction and communication. You’ll be able to sleep in a traditional Khmer wooden stilted house, and if wanted, help them to prepare dinner. Going in a small group, homestay becomes genuine and insights into local life and traditions are real, which is rarely available to independent tourists; and almost never available to a large group.

Get more discovery with small group tour to Cambodia

Get more discovery with small group tour to Cambodia

Get full support from a professional group leader

The small group tours to Cambodia usually hires a “group leader” or a local guide who takes care of everything in a full manner. At some specific sites, you’ll really need the local guides to help communicate with the villagers and arrange a homestay in stilted houses of the hosts that the tour operator has built relationships with. Moreover, the group leader will provide information about places that you visit, recommendations to the top attractions, cultural know-how, etc. For instance, when you travel to Angkor Wat, the guide with specialized knowledge will give you an in-depth understanding of the site and navigate you to the ideal corners: away from the crowd and best for photography.

Understand activities to do and not to do in a small group Cambodia tour

What to do in Cambodia are to engage with the history of the 12th-century temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park, the infamous Killing Fields, the charming Phnom Penh, and more. Next, take your opportunities to experience a homestay in a local house, enjoy Khmer food, and rural life. The keys are just to be patient and polite.

What not to do in Cambodia are to ruin the Angkor Wat, Bayon, or Ta Prohm which are all the world-known heritages. And, not to waste water because the increased pumping of groundwater supply is damaging the spiritual sites. Furthermore, though it’s hot, please not to wear skimpy clothing as Cambodia is a conservative Buddhist country that demands your shoulders and knees to be covered.

Learn and exchange experiences, more friends more fun

Whether or not you know all members in the Cambodia small group tour, be open-minded to make the trip memorable with more laughter and more fun. As long as you don’t like traveling alone, going in a small group promises a more enjoyable journey with friends, new acquaintances, and up-to-date knowledge. Remember that each person can be a book that you might feel interested to read.

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