Phnom Penh offers no shortage of lodgings for the day-and-night stay, with a burgeoning number of hotels and guesthouses throughout the capital. Here you find the accommodation for all budget and preference, from the plain rooms with fans to the luxurious colonial suites. Coming in the morning gives you the greater chance of finding the inexpensive lodgings, and if you want to stay a couple of night or more, it’s necessary to ask for the discount. In particular, where to stay in Phnom Penh? Here are the most favorite addresses for you to sleep soundly.

#1: La Maison D’Ambre – Best Boutique Hotel in Phnom Penh

La Maison D’Ambre

This is the greatest boutique hotel in Phnom Penh that looks chic and fashionable in the Cambodian- French style. With the spaciously well-appointed rooms and deluxe amenities, La Maison D’Ambre is always ranked high for tourists worldwide that desire for the true relaxation after the full-day city tour. The windows and balconies overlooking the old quarters, markets, etc., feast your eyes interestingly. So, if you have a taste for laying your heads on the “bed of roses”, please come to this valuable lodging!

#2: Plantation Hotel – Wonderful View from Propitious Location

 Plantation Hotel

Within Plantation Hotel, you can surely expect to relax at the well-equipped rooms, play at the beautiful swimming pools, or enjoy the interesting view of poolside café from its balcony, etc. It is the authentic retreat for you to regain energy after roaming around the city’s vibrant streets. The first time you step into the bright room, you will feel delightful with everything that a worthy Phnom Penh hotel can offer. Once you are full of energy, take it easy to reach the nearby attractions namely Royal Palace and National Museum. It’s your choice for a stay to visit Phnom Penh and around !

#3: Rambutan Resort – Expect a Warm Welcome

Rambutan Resort

Rambutan is the charming gay-friendly boutique hotel for all tourists to enjoy the warm welcome from the young staff. Here, you find the comfortable beds, the polished floors, and impressive pieces of the contemporary arts decorated on the walls. The stay in Rambutan fulfills the visitors’ needs for relaxation, cuisine, and entertainment all day and night. Adjacent to this fantastic resort, it’s very convenient to visit the city’s best café, restaurants, and the greatest street food stalls.

#4: Villa Langka – One of the First Old Villas in Phnom Penh

Villa Langka

As one of the first of Phnom Penh’s precious old villas, Villa Langka today is the trendy boutique hotel which stands out in the decent Cambodian theme with bamboo, cane, lime green silk, Khmer handicrafts, etc. While the hotel’s conditions are fantastic, its neighborhood is advantageous for life with restaurants, café, cars, and famous Buddha pagodas just across the road. Apparently, the stay in Villa Langka helps perfect your travel to Cambodian’s capital.

#5: Lebiz Hotel – The Phnom Penh’s Newest Boutique Hotel

Lebiz Hotel

If your preference is about modernity and newness of the rooms, please don’t miss the Lebiz where owns the impressive exterior, the rich library, the “delicious” restaurants. Every detail of this outstanding boutique hotel is selected carefully to amuse the guests, from the stylish graphic walls to the smart choices of books in the clearly arranged library shelves as well as the elegant staff uniforms. What’s more, Lebiz does have the spa and meeting rooms for you to use at pleasure.

All in all, Phnom Penh today has changed her face charmingly to delight the tourists better. Together with the budget accommodation market, the Cambodia’s capital does have the boutique hotels with deluxe slices of life for the high-budget holidaymakers.

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Hoang AnhStart working in travel industry in Vietnam from 1995, I had the great chance to learn and seeing the change as well as the development of tourism in our country. After quite long time working in different positions in some well-known international travel companies, I found that with my passion and knowledge, I can offer better value and discovery on tours in Vietnam to the travelers.