Traveling in the right moments of Cambodian Festivals helps the tourists to get the absolute fun and joy. Your Cambodian Tours will never lack excitement if you join in some of the national key festivals. According to the Cambodian lunar calendar, the Kingdom of Cambodia is rich in the traditional and cultural festivals that are highly influenced by the notions of Buddhism, Hinduism, and royal cultures. The tourists are always welcomed to take participation in the joyful events to learn more about this nation’s culture and tradition.

The Key Festivals and Religious Ceremonies in Cambodia

Keep in mind the celebrations of these key events so that you can arrange for the best Cambodian holidays ever!

  • January 7th is when the Liberation Day of Cambodia occurs.
  • Between 13th and 18th April, the 5-day holiday Chaul Chnam (Cambodian New Year) is held.
  • May 24th is when the Visak Bochea (the birthdate, enlightenment & death of Buddha) takes place.
  • May 28th witnesses the celebration of the Royal Ploughing Day in either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.
  • November 9th is marked as the Independence Day of Cambodia.
  • In mid-November, you find the animated atmosphere in Water Festival.
  • In fact, Cambodia has many other additional festivals for the year-round excitement. Anyhow, know that the festive days change annually! The full-moon day (day 1st) and the new-moon day (day 14th or 15th) are said to be auspicious.

Descriptions of the Three Typical Festivals in Cambodia

First, Bonn Chaul Chnam (Cambodian New Year Festival) is celebrated during the mid-April at the end of the harvest season. During the festive time, the Cambodians have their houses cleaned and decorated brilliantly with many colorful ornaments. People come to visit the temples to pray and make offerings to hope for good luck and success. Also, they throw water at each other as a means to say “Happy New Year!”

Next, Bonn Om Touk (Water Festival) takes place in the Tonle Sap River whose flows are influenced by the Mekong direction.  In mid-November, the 3-day events of boat races, festivals, shows, firework, music, dancing, and parades are favored by groups of participants. They all attempt to attain the sense of victory.

Angkor Festival was another significantly exceptional event in Cambodia that occurs in November or December. It is held at the Angkor Wat ground. The religious festival attracts the people worldwide coming to Siem Reap to witness the firework display and the art shows that depict the glorious history of the Angkor Kingdom. If you desire to watch a historic performance that tells the legend of Ramayana, this impressive festival is a must to see.

Last but not least, the Spirit Offering Festival takes place from September to October within 15 days. This event is designated to blessing the dead spirits. It is among the most culturally important festivals that can only be found in Cambodia. The households come to the local wat and give food to the monks for their help in blessing the souls/spirits of the ancestors or any dead relative. The temples and wats become crowded during the festive days since many people take their turns to give away the offerings. Some even stay to listen to the Buddhist sermons for the healthy spirituality.

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