How to get to Mondulkiri Cambodia provides a glimpse of possible ways to this pristine and scenic destination which brings you away from city bustle. So if you want a refreshing vacation in the off-the-beaten-track shelter, without skyscrapers, traffic jam, or work pressure, tour to Mondulkiri is the optimal choice now and always.

By Road – Travel to Mondulkiri via Bus, Minivan, Taxi, or Motorbike

Bus and Minivan

Most travelers search for how to get to Mondulkiri from Phnom Penh, maybe because after visiting the capital city, they want to relax amidst the green landscape and ethnic villages. Saying goodbye to the bad road conditions in the past, the destination today owns the improved roads for driving, particularly from Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom – the provincial capital of Mondulkiri, for approximately 6 hours. You can choose to use the minivan or bus.

Three recommendations to buy tickets are TCT Mondulkiri Express, Kim Seng Express, and Virak Buntham Mondulkiri Express. Contact to book the preferred seats in advance, especially during the peak season, from March to May. There are daily buses to the site, and they leave every 15 minutes or 1 hour, with the reasonable prices. Informatively, the buses of TCT Mondulkiri Express and Kim Seng Express depart Phnom Penh at 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM while the ones of Virak Buntham leave at 7:00 AM and 1:30 PM.

Also, buses and minivans for how to get to Mondulkiri from Siem Reap are plentiful. The bus ride from Siem Reap often takes about 10 hours, for the distance of approximately 614 km.


Taxi is another good option to reach the promote province, and the ride from Phnom Penh usually takes around 5 hours. Know that taxis are the typically air-conditioned Toyota Camry with the capacity of five passengers. Also, you can take advantage of the hotels’ or guesthouses’ assistance by asking them to call a taxi for you. In most cases, try to book your taxi at least one day in advance. More conveniently, request the private transfers to Mondulkiri supported by your hotels if possible.


What’s more, some people decide to drive on their own to the destination. This brings the big advantages of sightseeing opportunities as the scenery is extraordinary and spectacular. In fact, the Motorcycle Tour to Mondulkiri has been attracting many backpackers and young adventurers. If you’re interested in this journey, try to drive in a group for the safety merits because the routes will pass by several remote corners.

And for how to get to Mondulkiri from Kratie, some travelers choose to drive the motorbike, pass by Snoul Town and Kampong Cham. The whole trip is around 215km, and only accessible during the dry season because the road might get worse when it is raining. You should stop at Snoul Town for refreshments like Khmer snacks, fried noodles, curries, etc. Believably, this motorcycle trip is amongst the best things to do in the country as the experiences and the views are all fantastic. As there are no regular commercial flights to Sen Monorom, the only way to visit this destination is traveling by road. Buses, minivans, taxis, and motorbikes are the most popular channels that you can make use of.

The Best Attractions to See in Mondulkiri

Getting there, make sure you will not ignore these local highlights:

  • Bou Sra Waterfall
  • Chrey Thom Waterfall
  • Memang Gold Mines Area
  • Lak Pok Bras Waterfall
  • Pahlung Village
  • Phnom Prich Sanctuary

The charm of this destination lies in untouched nature and long-lasting ethnic Khmer groups that takes you to the different world of rustic Cambodia. Go out sketching Mondulkiri how to get there and see it in person early on!

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