Cambodia is a competent Southeast Asian country for photography, with amazing temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park, the paradise islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, the interesting Kampot, etc. If you desire to make the beautiful photographs of Cambodia, then the following tips can definitely help.

#1: Must visit Angkor Wat

No matter how many temple heritages and historical sites that you have visited, Angkor Wat is different. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is on par with the renowned Machu Pichu or the miraculous Taj Mahal that the whole world cherishes. As the largest temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat is the valuable background for photographing the antique religious ruins, the intricate carvings on the age-old walls, the complete solemnity, etc. While the Angkor heritages are imposing, the way to the Angkor embraces lots of nice things to take pictures of.

On the route to the museum of the Angkor temples, you are likely to meet the Khmer people, and some of them might smile with you, wave hands to you, and even say “hello.” Certainly, the photography opportunities toward the Angkor Wat in Cambodia are boundless. Just be free to raise the camera and take the snapshots.

#2: Please be patient

Especially in the famously magnificent Angkor Wat, the heritage is mostly crowded with the visitors. That is why you have to be patient to wait for the right moments. For example, if you would love to take the landscape photographs of the Angkor, with no people, then find the good spot and wait. Once you have set up the camera toward the flattering corners of the heritage and notice the balloons from afar plus several people on the ground in the meantime. In this case, please wait with patience until the balloon comes closer to the pointed landscape and when the ground is clear of the outsiders. Then, it’s time to take the snapshots! For the best photographs in the touristy places, then the key is patience.

#3: Don’t forget Bayon Temple

The Bayon is the outstandingly decorated Khmer temple in the Angkor complex. This construction also owns the most intricate architecture of the 12th century or earlier. The spectacular central temple of the antique city provides numerous flattering corners for photography at any time of the day. While the exterior of the temple is awe-inspiring, ancient, and mysterious, the interior has many complicated and unknown carvings to capture.

#4: Don’t avoid the rainy season

This might sound weird, but in fact, the rainy season in Cambodia is ideal for the photo hunters. In the period of August – September, the number of the tourists come to the country is least, which means you have the private spaces to shoot the pictures of the ruins, the jungles, and the residents. Without too many travelers, the Angkor temples and some other destinations in Cambodia are at their best beauty for photography.

#5: Try to take pictures in the early morning

As “the early bird catches the worms,” try to get up earlier than the others so that you have more time exploring the destinations to the fullest. Visit the preferred temples in the early morning, you can be some of a few visitors coming there to catch the dawn. At present, the Angkor Archaeological Park is open from 5:00. So, get out of the bed early because the experience is worthy.

#6: Photograph the normal life activities

The photographs of the daily life activities of the Khmer people reflect their simple yet interesting lifestyles. There are some natural moments with the great postures and facial expressions to be captured. For example, the scene that a Khmer grandfather is teaching his grandson to do a homework can be added to your photo albums.

Along your travel to Cambodia, take pictures whenever you find the inspiring scenes. The authentic photographers know what the magical moments are, so trust your gut feeling.

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