Guide for Special Things to Do in Siem Reap Tours
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With monumental pagodas and temples, yummy street food, beautiful sunset sightseeing, and captivating off-the-bean-track trails, special things to do in Siem Reap Tours become really attractive. Siem Reap Cambodia owns various highlights to please visitors who expect things to be more extraordinary than the greatly well-known Angkor Wat. Following is top 3 special things to see and do.

#1: Siem Reap Food Tours to eat Khmer food like the Khmer

It offers many street eateries that you can simply stop by and order the Khmer food in Siem Reap. Especially, most tourists are recommended to enjoy Siem Reap food tours in the local Angkor Night Market that surprises them with the delectable dishes, drinks, handicrafts, and other artworks made by the Khmer. The ideal corner just takes the 2-minute walk from Pub Street. There, you can expect to savor the traditional food like “Lok Lak” (stir-fried beef), fish amok (yellow coconut curry including fish), insect-based dishes, etc. The outdoor dining zones let you mingle and eat like the locals who have barbecued pork skewers and drink Angkor beer while sitting on the plastic stools. Note that the Angkor Night Market opens daily from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Other good addresses to eat in this city are Marum Restaurant (its delicacy is the authentic red ant fritters served with a unique sauce) and Cuisine Wat Damnak (recommended food is crunchy pork tongue and boneless frog leg curry). Whether you enjoy the roadside vendors’ services or the restaurants’ dining comfort, culinary tours in Siem Reap surely pleases you with a happy belly.

#2: Angkor Wat Sunset Tours to view magic color and light

When the sun disappears out of sight from the sky in slow motion, it is wonderful to view the sunset scenes in the magnificent Angkor. Without a doubt, Angkor Wat Sunset Tours bring you joy in sightseeing the twilight and how the sun begins going down to hide behind the ancient temple ruins. The sunset blaze is most beautiful in the Angkor, and it might go beyond your hopes for the most glittering scenes in the country. The Angkor Archaeological Park covers many temple-mountain constructions in the Hindu concept which look best in the twilight all seasons.

Sunset in Angkor Wat is best contemplated either outside the temple structure or on the top step. The best time to view is around 4:00 PM. As the world’s biggest religious monument ever built, the Angkor preserves the flattering corners for photography and sightseeing. It might make you an artist.

#3: Siem Reap Off-the-beaten-track Tours to discover hidden spectacle

Together with the concealed temple ruins in the Angkor Archaeological Park such as Ta Prohm, Phnom Bakheng, Preah Pithu, Banteay Srei, etc., the enigmatic 12th-century Beng Mealea temple is ideal for you to go off track. Beng Mealea is nestled deep in the jungle which brings the “unearthed” feeling. The crumbling bricks and sandstones make you a true explorer who is finding a lost empire.

Another wonderful destination for your undisturbed Siem Reap Tours is Kompong Khleang fishing village which is far from the crowd (not like the well-known Chong Khneas). It is a Khmer community village featured with stilted houses on the river and friendly locals. Another adventure can begin from the Chong Kneas dock for a boat trip to Tonle Sap Lake and then discover Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary to try feeding the birds and enjoy intact Nature.

This guide about the top things to do in Siem Reap will aid you in experiencing the best of the destination, from food to sunset, off-the-beaten-track scenery, and any other amazing highlight in between. Travel to Siem Reap and have a beautiful adventure!