Homestay Kep Cambodia is amongst the top things to know if you’re about to visit Kep. This southern province does not lack good accommodation. And, for the homestay experiences, it’s recommended to work with Kepmandou. Besides, other great addresses are worth including to the list.

The Very Good Cambodia Homestay in Kepmandou

Kepmandou Lounge-Bar in Kep is a popular address for Cambodia homestay that has its own website and visible presence on hotel booking websites and other social media resources. Guests have been reviewing this place with the great comments regarding the friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere, stunning lounge bar, and delicious food. And if you stay there, make sure to try the excellent fruit shakes. Most of the travelers enjoy the delightful stay in Kepmandou. While some highly vote for the professional and amiable staff, the others appreciate the local food for the whole families.

This address is ideal for family homestay Cambodia during your travel to Kep. The team of Kepmandou welcomes guests who likely want to extend their stay, as appreciating the kind-hearted hosts, the clean and private atmosphere, the beautiful sea view, and the yummy dishes. It’s not surprising that this lodging site is often selected by the foreigners who want “the lovely homestay place with the lovely people.”

Some enjoyable activities at the Kepmandou homestay are to take a boat trip to the spectacular Rabbit Island, eat Khmer food and drink the creative cocktails, have a good time in the charity school and play with the Cambodian kids, rent a motorbike or take a tuk-tuk to roam around the city, etc. There is always the staff that can help. But before you book, know that Kepmandou has no big room or huge kitchen or luxurious service to serve. Rather, this is ideal for the cozy and personal homestay that attracts lots of expats coming to hang around.

Kepmandou Lounge-Bar in Kep, Cambodia

Kepmandou Lounge-Bar in Kep, Cambodia

Other Great Addresses for Cambodia Homestay in Kep

To draw your focus to the addresses that only have the good comments to say about, it’s definitely recommended to work with Kep Lodge, The Boat House, and Tree Top. These homestay sites are affordable to all backpackers.

About Kep Lodge, this is amongst the loveliest hideaway places to sleep in Kep. The hidden accommodation takes you away from city bustle so that you join the green world beautified with the garden, outdoor pool, thatch-roofed room, hammocks, etc. The lodge is what you need to feel the local nature and interact with hospitable staff.

About The Boat House, this is the refreshing garden-set hideaway accommodation that most backpackers gather. The place is around 400m away from the beach as well as the Crab Market. So, take it easy to buy crabs for your meals in this cheap homestay Cambodia. In fact, this is the guesthouse with two separate Khmer houses set approximately 10m apart. While the front house includes the reception, kitchen, and some slightly cheaper rooms, the house behind owns the bigger rooms and spacious TV lounge. The room décor in this place reflects the Khmer culture and art which brings the beautiful cultural experiences.

Tree Top Bangalows in Kep Cambodia

Tree Top Bangalows in Kep Cambodia

About Tree Top in Kep, this place offers the exciting view from the trees to the ocean or the hill, as it is set on the very high stilts. You find the wooden, charming, and private room to cherish. Also, there are some pepper trees, pineapple trees, etc., along the way to enjoy the greenness.

Not to mention that Kep has several luxurious places to sleep such as Le Kep Bungalows, Spring Valley Resort, Villa Kep Resort, Vanna Hill Resort, and Knai Bang Chatta, etc., homestay in Kep might attract some travelers most.  So, check in Kepmandou Lounge-Bar and other recommended sites for the great homestay just in Kep!

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