Searching for the ideal getaway options to save your sweetest moments of honeymoon holiday? The full competence of the indulgent attractions in Cambodia assures you and the life mate to perfect the honeymoon with the highest notch of happiness. Cambodian Honeymoons are now in favor of many honeymooners who want to escape together the bustling and hasty life to enjoy the power of love. In fact, there are lots of exotic and breathtaking honeymoon destinations in Cambodia including the unspoiled beaches, the virgin jungles, the ancient awe-inspiring Angkor Temples, idyllic villages, and more.

Where To Start A Honeymoon To Cambodia?

The honeymooners should not always miss the mystical, cultural, and historical Angkor Temples – the big pride of the Cambodia. The trip to Cambodia cannot be complete if you lack a short excursion to the magnificent Angkor Archaeological Park, and exploration to Angkor Wat – the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Besides, if you honeymoon in the dry months (from November to May), just spend your sweet time hand-in-hand on the untamed and pristine beach of Sihanoukville! You can also choose to start your Cambodian Honeymoon Trip in Phnom Penh – the developing yet age-old capital of Cambodia. For the intimate touch of romance, the primitive destinations like Koh Rong and Battambang are the very good options to evaluate.

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Cambodia

#1: Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia features the tuk-tuk drivers and the street food vendors. Just roam around Phnom Penh together, two of you can gently treat the eyes with many French colonial buildings and fulfill palate with the nation’s specialties such as the deep-fried tarantula. In reality, the honeymooners get no sense of bore in this bustling capital as it is mostly crowded and lively with many travelers. There is no better place to discover the “Pearl of Asia” than Phnom Penh.

#2: Angkor Archaeological Park

The fame of this UNESCO World Heritage goes beyond the border of Cambodia and even Asia. It’s famous internationally, and please don’t miss this attraction! Thousands of honeymooners have traveled to the north of Siem Reap to set foot in the wonderful remains of the Khmer Empire (9th century). Heading out before the dawn so that you catch the heavenly sunrise behind the Angkor Wat; also, stop by Angkor Thom together eagerly.

#3: Sihanoukville

This famous, beautiful, and pristine beach welcomes numerous happy couples to relax and love passionately on the sandy, fresh, and romantic ambiance. The primitive charm of Sihanoukville wins your praises from the first look for its tranquility and freshness. Any time you try your hands at kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, or sunbathing, your happiness is boundless.

#4: Koh Rong

This is the newly isolated island paradise which is only accessible by the little ferry. Koh Rong is the picturesque spot that hosts up to 23 pristine beaches for you two to laze the days away from the life congestion to be immersed in the free sunshine. You and the soul mate can fulfill each other’s sense of adventure by hiking, diving, and snorkeling. The Money Island here offers you the best sunset sea view; romance is infinite.

#5: Battambang

This is the authentic home to the wonderfully preserved colonial architecture in Cambodia. The enigmatic temples, French shops and houses, the “Ghost Cave”, and ethnic villages give you two the huge inspiration to honeymoon in the new and exciting demeanor. As Battambang is dedicated to the simplicity yet beauty and romance, just come together to relish its majesty!

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