How is Kep now in Cambodia is the frequent question for travelers considering to go there. Kep Cambodia used to be the most popular beach town of the country, but due to the hard past, it was no longer as attractive as desired. But, it still has fans who want to know about its current status and if it is worth traveling, not only for the beach but also the French-style villas of the 1908s and the cultural highlights.

An Overview of Kep City for Tourists

Kep city municipality today preserves the spacious sidewalks and large statues that leave a good impression on the guests’ mind. It’s easy to notice the well-paved roads connecting the little town. And, the best highlight of Kep seems to be the beach as well as the adjacent Koh Thonsay (Rabbit Island) which takes a short boat trip. So, you don’t need to worry about the muddy roads or something like that in this beach zone. What’s more, Kep has the neighboring Bokor Hill for mountain climbing and jungle trekking that ensure the real safari experiences. For accommodation, there are a variety of mid-range and luxury hotels, guesthouses, or even bungalows for tourists to lay the head. For food in Kep Cambodia, crab is a must you should always eat on the spot. Kep crabs have long been famous for their inexpensive prices and delicious quality.

All in all, this beach city is a favorite weekend gateway to the local people who enjoy the view of the beach and the mountain, as well as the tasty seafood dishes. So if you share the interest in these highlights, Kep might be a good fit for your next Cambodia tour. Often, people might combine Kep and Kampot (around 10km away) for their vacation.

Crabs in Kep Cambodia

Crabs in Kep Cambodia

Travel to Kep in the south of Cambodia

Together with the major economy of high-quality pepper farming, Kep in Cambodia can benefit from tourism activities as people love swimming on its beach and climbing its mountain. This countryside corner of Cambodia becomes attractive with the off-the-beaten-track trails for hiking, the remote villages for learning tradition and culture, great seafood, and the marvelous coastline. Oftentimes, tourists recommend each other to discover Bokor Hill (of Kampot) and Kep Beach. Both destinations make up a great itinerary. While Bokor Hill remains mysterious and spectacular to the sightseers and explorers, the climb to the top will reward people with the miles-and-miles view, even to the imposing Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam. There, you also find the swirling pathway featured with verdant plants and birds’ songs. Then, the greatest parts are about swimming at Kep beach and eating crabs.

Kep beach is known for the white and soft sandbank, the clear blue water, and fresh breeze for all swimmers to relax. Take your opportunity to get soaked in the “majestic” water of Kep and feel the rejuvenating magic when you can become the best version of yours. What’s more, it is the Kep crab food that can please your palate and happily fulfill your stomach. Besides the crab, you can try tasting durian and using pepper in this spot if you’d like. Often, tourists enjoy the one-day tour in Kep to swim, eat seafood, and unwind, giving themselves a day to steer clear of stress. Note that the beach might get crowded during the weekend, especially in the summer, when everybody wants to get soaked.

Sunset at Kep Town in Cambodia

Sunset at Kep Town in Cambodia

So how is Kep now in Cambodia? Some people might call Kep sleepy, but actually, the site is peaceful, pristine, and charming enough to urge you to rejuvenate both body and mind. It might sound not-really-popular to the foreign tourist community, but to the locals, this is the favorite weekend gateway in which they enjoy soaking and eating crabs. Therefore, expect to meet many Khmer people when you might hang out during weekends.

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