How to Discover Cambodia in Most Exciting Ways Ever
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Cambodia is a very next fascinating country to see in the Indochina region, and how to explore Cambodia in most exciting ways ever keep calling travelers to this country. Experiences like exploring antique temples, cruising on Mekong River, eating scrumptious food, etc., urge people to add Cambodia to their bucket lists.

#1: Seek thrill in the wild forest of Mondulkiri

Cambodia is rich in primitive forests. And, Mondulkiri has one of the last wild forests in Asia. The local forest houses a variety of endangered and valuable animals such as elephants, tigers, leopards, and rhinoceros. The adventure to Mondulkiri forests let thrill-seekers know how the primitive settings can be, and they get opportunities to meet the wild animals. The experience is matchless and exciting. Try hiking through the pristine trails, take pictures of the wildlife, contemplate the charming scenery every step you pass, etc., you’re getting to be a real adventurer.

#2: Watch Cambodia from the aerial view

Departing from Siem Reap Airport, the scenic flights let passengers enjoy sightseeing the panorama of Angkor Wat complex scattered throughout the Archaeological Park, the hidden Preah Vihear built in the 11th century, and more. The Siem Reap helicopter flight is awesome and incomparable, especially when you can fly over the antique archaeological ruins to obtain the panoramic view and overall contemplation, just like a free bird.

#3: Savor seafood paradise in Kep

Coming to Kep beach town, travelers should always stop by the dynamic seafood markets, and then cruise toward the little pretty fishing village of Koh Thonsay (also called “Rabbit Island”) in which seawater is transparent and sparkling. At the end of a day, you can have meals in the local seafood restaurants, savor the appetizing delicacies, particularly the fried crabs spiced with Kampot pepper. Everything makes Kep an existing seafood paradise.

#4: Have a luxury vacation on Song Saa Island

How about a luxury vacation on a Song Saa Private Island Cambodia? The island is nature-friendly with tropical forests and rich sea species. Also, it’s luxurious with 24 sumptuous villas; each has a private swimming pool, sea view or forest view, rooms made from wood and local resources. If budget is not a matter, then invest in a wonderful luxury breather on Song Saa.

#5: Visit the must-see Angkor Wat

The awe-inspiring Angkor Wat, built in the 12th century, is the biggest magnet attracting tourists to Cambodia. It is the largest religious monument ever found in the world, with unique Angkorian architecture and thousands of the astonishing bas-reliefs which represent creativity and skill of the old Khmers. The “Capital Temple” has been a hot tourist spot since the 1990s; up to now, it preserves the big appeal to those who are interested in the ancient ruins.

#6: Experience hidden trail to the temples in the jungle

How to Discover Cambodia in Most Exciting Ways? Deeply hidden in the Cambodia jungles are the old remnants of the lost civilization. You can try biking toward Bayon Temple which is famous for more than 200 giant faces sculptured on the stone walls, or Ta Prohm Temple which is mysteriously covered by the liana and trees. To access these hidden sites, explorers are expected to trek through the photogenic and pristine landscapes, and then the fascinating complex appears before the eyes. You’ll be wondering how trees grow out of the ruins.

#7: Enjoy Mekong River Cruises in Cambodia

Mekong River Cruises in Cambodia let guests excitingly relish beautiful riverscape, peaceful life on the riversides, locals’ floating houses, comfortable time onboard, etc. The cruising itinerary includes several stops where you interact with Khmers, buy Khmer souvenirs, try Khmer food, and see how they catch fish. There are some opportunities for kayaking past mangrove forests, idyllic islets on Mekong River, toward Kampi Village to meet the rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins.

Pick up any of the options above for your coming Cambodia travel, get lots of excitement, and differentiate your adventure.