Kampong Cham will never fail to fulfill your traveling interest and needs for peace. It is the third largest city in Cambodia that set on the central lowlands of the Mekong River. Kampong Cham is predominantly lowlands and receives the alluvial support from Mekong River. Nowadays, this destination grows to be the ideal retreat where people come for nostalgia and peacetime.

Kampong Cham – What Should You Note Down?

First of all, you have to note down that Kampong Cham tourist destination is blessed with the advantageous geography. The Mekong River location and close proximity to Phnom Penh and Vietnam help the city propitious for what are called the easy tours. Besides the increasingly improving tourism, the town is also famous for its significant trade and transportation hub. You should not forget the fact that the highway from Phnom Penh to this site is in the superior condition. You can easily reach Kampong Cham by road or the bullet boats in just under 2 hours.

Along the route, the tourists are pleased with the tranquil serenity of countryside or riverscape, depending on which way you decide to go. Know that the city itself is very quaint and charming. The liveliness ambiance is made up of with the morning river scenes where people come to trade on the river associated with the spacious boulevard streets.

The tourists tend to take Kampong Cham for the good jump-off point where they can boat or drive to Kratie, Mondulkiri, Rattanakiri, and Stung Treng Provinces. The jump-off point itself is a mix of the old and new features. A new temple is constructed in and around the old ruins that attracts the backpackers who love the nostalgic trips. Meanwhile, the large ferry boats help take people and their goods to the other side of the Mekong.

Overall speaking, Kampong Cham is quite poor with many French architectural structures and a few modern buildings. Anyhow, people in this city are very friendly, and they are always open to the tourists worldwide. If you are stuck at any point, just feel free to ask the locals for the informative guides. They will you much and even beyond your expectation.

Kampong Cham – You Love the Quaint Charm and Laid-Back Atmosphere

The tourists may choose to invest at least a couple of days in Kampong Cham so that they get indulged in the laid-back zone and its tranquil beauty. Your Cambodia stay cannot be fulfilled if you miss a short visit to Kampong Cham and its outstanding tourist attractions including Nokor Wat, Pros and Srei Mountain, Phnom Hanchey, Teuk Chhar, Chhrouy Chek, Haong Waterfall, King’s Residence, Koh Pen Beach, Prey Nor Kor Knong-Krau Temple, etc.

There are just a few highlights ranging from the colonial buildings to the natural sites in the land. Whether you choose to get improved spiritually in the temples or get relaxed happily in the beach and mountain, Kampong Cham promises to pour bliss and delight into your holidays. The charm and atmosphere of Kampong Cham give the good appetite to suit all of your tastes. Try living in the rural seclusion someday, you will soon relive with the absolute refreshment of mind and body.

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