Kampong Speu in Cambodia might not very popular to tourists as the land remains unspoiled by tourism. But, Kampong Speu is beautiful on its own, regardless of whether or not people know about it. This is the fantastic countryside destination for you all to view the rustic charm of Cambodia. So, if wanting to swim in the natural rivers or sleep under the shade of the big trees or walking through the rocking bridge or relaxing in the collages along the riverbank, it is time to visit Kampong Speu town in Cambodia.

About Kampong Speu in Cambodia

In 2008 the estimated population in Kampong Speu Province was 716,517 thousand persons. Kampong Speu town is the capital of the Kampong Speu Province (7,017 km²), Cambodia. Kampong Speu is around 48km away from Phnom Penh. About the name of this place, in the Khmer language, it means “star fruit.” But interestingly, the destination is famous for palm sugar and wine. Some nature lovers and holidaymakers take Kampong Speu the natural and cultural haven where they can rest and relax as desired. Coming to this picturesque haven, you can expect to meet the natural rivers. In particular, Preaek Thnot River is the big river where has lots of large trees along the riverbank, and the impressive mountain; also, at the foot of the mountain, there is a rocking bridge connecting Tang Tonle Village and Ampe Phnom Village. The destination also has some Khmer temples for worshiping and celebrating the local festivals. The long-lasting religious sites associated with the spectacular nature give Kampong Speu a charming look. Kampong Speu is not included in group tours but you can contact the local travel agency to customise the Cambodia private tour for your own.

Kampong Speu map

Check the map of Kampong Speu to know more about its geography.

Extraordinary Tourist Attractions for Kampong Speu Tourism

Ampe Phnom

ampe phnom in kampong speu Ampe Phnom is situated at Tang Tonle Village and Ampe Phnom Village, which are around 2km away from Phnom Penh. This is the natural haven for everybody to stay in harmony with nature. Traveling to Ampe Phnom, you get opportunities to feast the eyes with the picturesque stream, walking paths, and the large shady trees. There is also a mountain in the area, in which the mountain foot is the wood-and-cable bridge across the stream to connect Tang Tonle Village and Ampe Phnom Village. There also lies an ancient pagoda where the local people come to worship, especially during the festive time. The most favorite activities in Ampe Phnom should be swimming in the cool stream, walking through the bridge, and relaxing in the cottages along the riverbank. The stay would be perfect as you find food and beverages available. Meanwhile, the surroundings are full of sounds of nature. As Ampe Phnom is one of the main attractions in Kampong Speu, it is frequently visited by the tourists worldwide. While some prefer relaxing on the nature-friendly cottages, the others love sightseeing the captivating stream and then swimming in the transparent water or having a picnic on the green landscape.

Te Teuk Pus Hot Spring

Te Teuk Pus Hot Spring in Kampong SpeuTe Teuk Pus Hot Spring is nestled in Phnom Te Village, around 60km to the west of Kampong Speu town. Please note that the natural hot spring is rare in Cambodia! Therefore, the presence of this hot spring in Kampong Speu does attract both the domestic and international visitors. Te Teuk Pus has a diameter of 100m. The water here emerges from 6 sources and has the smell of sulfur or limestone. About the water temperature, it is around 700C. The whole area of the hot spring is 5 hectares and is covered by the tall grass, red, and red rocks. Together with the stunning look, Te Teuk Pus Hot Spring is believed to be effective for healing some kinds of illness and skin problems. The local villagers of the Kuoy minority hill tribe also trust that the water of the spring has sorcery. Spiritually speaking, washing the face with the water here can bring good luck and success.

Kirirom National Park

Kirirom National Park in Kampong SpeuThis national park is erected on Kirirom Mountain, Oamrei Phong Village, which is around 117 km to the southwest of Phnom Penh. The mountain has the height of 700m. Kirirom National Park is in charge of protecting the pristine nature of the land, where has an abundance of fresh air, waterfall, pine tree, and orchid flowers. So, come to this conserved park, the visitors are showered with the opportunities to mingle with nature well. Also, you can expect to find the Cambodia’s unique bird life, and watch them in a harmonious manner. Though there are not many kinds of large wildlife in Kirirom, the Park is valuable with the unique system of flora and fauna. The journey to Kirirom is perfect during or just after the rainy season. It is when the whole region becomes fresh, lush, and especially the waterfalls here are full of the transparent water. Everything makes up the extraordinary photographs of nature. You can become a photographic subject in such photographs while role-playing as the birdwatchers or nature explorers.

Chambok Ecotourism Site

Chambok Ecotourism Site in Kampong SpeuNearby the Kirirom National Park is the magnetic Chambok Ecotourism Site, which is constructed in 2001 by the local environment organization – Mlup Baitong, cooperated with the Ministry of Environment. The purposes of this ecotourism site are to solve the problems of deforestation and protect the community likelihood for the local villagers. Please note that the local people in this area live on the forests to make charcoal; therefore, they need the community education programs to get educated about the significance of the forests for their offspring. So, the Chambok ecotourism project was initiated to give the alternative income to the locals. The revenues from tourism are used to help protect the forests and support the community in a stable way.  If you want to discover this eco-site, expect to have a 4km trekking, mingling with the local villagers, contemplating the Cambodia’s special biodiversity and the beautiful waterfalls. The greatest tourist activities in this place include hiking through the forest, bicycle rental, having a picnic, bird waiting, and ox-cart riding, swimming in the waterfall, and exploring the bat’s caves. And if wanted, you can have a Khmer lunch in the local houses in the 40m-high waterfall. The local women will prepare the lunch, plus are the fruits and coconuts. The mealtime would be full of the new and enjoyable moments. Arguably, the Chambok Ecotourism Site is the best model for the community-based ecotourism in Cambodia, in which you explore both nature and the local community in a nature-friendly manner. You can choose to stay in Chambok Ecotourism Resort, which is nearby the upscale Kirirom Hillside Resort. Differently, Chambok project is built up for the community’s benefits through tourism.

How to Get to Kampong Speu Town Cambodia

Bus and Taxi

You can take a bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, which passes Kampong Speu. It is up to you to select the bus companies. So, take it easy by buying the adequate bus ticket to get off at Kampong Speu. As buses depart almost every hour of the day, you can take advantage of them to arrive at the destination.

Another good option is to use the taxi service. In the morning, you can take a taxi from Phnom Penh to Kampong Speu. The Central Market of Phnom Penh is where to find lots of taxis.


It takes one hour driving a motorbike from Phnom Penh to Kampong Speu. You’re recommended to take the National Highway No 4 in the direction of Sihanoukville and then turn to Kampong Speu, which is approximately 48km from Phnom Penh. The paved street is in the good condition so that you can drive safely to the preferred destination.

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