Kampot in Cambodia wins tourists’ interests in the green countryside landscapes of beach, island, classical hill station, and more. The reputation of Kampot seems to spread out day after day, drastically. So, if you come across this destination somewhere and want to dig into it, the following bits are all about Kampot.

Kampot Province is located in the southwest of Cambodia, and includesapproximately 80km coastal stretch with the Gulf of Thailand. Kampot itself is famous for the green countryside landscape as well as some other remarkable attractions namely Bokor Hill Station, Rabbit Island, and Phnom Seda Orn wildlife preserve. . The most favorite activities in Kampot include include the discovery of the pre-Angkorian temple ruins and caves, the trek through the jungle, bicycling tours, river cruises, island and fishing trip, relaxation on the pristine beaches, bamboo train rides, and pepper plantation. The green environment in Kampot is ideal for planting a variety of fruits (durians and melons are major), sea salt, and the renowned pepper. Kampot pepper has established its reputation and successfully convinced gourmets. In Kampot Cambodia, fishing and farming are the major economies, which shower the land with the rustic agricultural charm.

Kampot Cambodia Things To Do

Bokor Hill Station

bokor montain kampotBokor Hill Station has the height of 1,080m and is the most famous site in Kampot. The visitors should start in the early morning to reach this impressive hill station. Then, on the hill, it’s fascinating to view the Gulf of Thailand from afar, associated with the green jungle and lots of deserted buildings. The journey to the summit of the hill is extraordinary and memorable. Here, you see a Catholic church and an antique hotel. Sometimes, even words cannot fully describe the views from Bokor Hill Station toward the dense jungle, the sapphire sea, the ancient dwellings, and the ruins of Khmer Rouge battles. It takes 15 minutes driving from the station to the Popokvil (Swirling Clouds) Waterfall. This nearby waterfall is famous for the magical look thanks to the mist hovering the fall.

Rabbit Island

rabit island kampotAre you looking for Kampot Beach ? Rabbit Island is the little tropical island in Cambodia that is well-known for the secluded white sand beaches and the spectacular natural background. If boating to this island, people can expect to see the exquisite and rustic beaches with the grand white sandbank, the coconut palm ranges, and the simple bungalows. The scenery in the Rabbit Island is fresh and pristine while the water is clear and warm. Most services gather at the west side of the beach where to hire the snorkeling equipment to explore the coral reefs and rocks underwater. Besides, water sport in this tropical island is exciting to play. Though the coral is rare, the colorful fish is abundant. At present, it is very easy to book a boat trip to Rabbit Island from Kampot, and then you can decide to stay in the bungalows on the island (around $10 or less per day) or return to the city.

Kampong Trach

kampong trach kampotKampong Trach is the captivating rural district that borders Vietnam. The road journey from Kampot to Kampong Trach passes the tranquil countryside that calms everybody’s mind. Then, you also pass by the mountainous areas which include some remnants of the Khmer Rouge. When it comes to Kampong Trach town, the highlights refer to the networks of limestone caves and tubs in which some ancient carvings remain. It’s very curious to find out the mysterious pagodas and shrines built among the caves. With the nice walking shoes and the good flashlight, you are in the roles of the nature explorers. Photo opportunities are unlimited, and for sure, Kampong Trach will amaze you with its natural and long-lasting potentials, from the picturesque countryside to the enigmatic caves which hold the holy shrines.

Phnom Seda Orn

Phnom Seda OrnThis is the nature wildlife and preserve site located at Ang Kor Village, Kampot District. In almost any sightseeing tour in Kampot, there cannot lack the name of Phnom Seda Orn, which is around 6km from the provincial town. The tourism highlights in Phnom Seda Orn are about nature and wildlife where to witness the untamed flora and fauna. If falling in love with the intact nature and appreciate the wildlife, come to see Phnom Seda Orn whenever you travel to Kampot because the visit is truly authentic for ecotourism. Note that this verdant nature preserve is close to the Rabbit Island attraction as well as the renowned Bokor Hill Station.

Kep Thmey

kampot kep thmeyKep Thmey is the celebrated wildlife park located in Kep Thmey Village, Kampot District. The park is around 8km from the provincial town and is frequently visited by the flocks of nature enthusiasts. Together with the eminent wildlife park in Kampot namely Phnom Seda Orn, this Kep Thmey Park makes the ecotourism trip to Kampot fuller than ever. Of course, the system of flora and fauna in this verdant environment is worth contemplating and photographing all year round. Nature and wildlife in Kep Thmey might be even more pristine than you think once you see the wild birds flying freely above the heads. The songs of the bird cover up the whole park with the upbeat vibe.

Phnom K’Chnor

kampot phnom kchnorPhnom K’Chnor is the mysterious cave including the pre-Angkorian ruin nestled amongst the stalagmites and stalactites. The history of the brick ruin is linked to the antique state of Funan, and some carvings remain visible today. So, if wanting to see a historical heritage of Kampot, then Phnom K’Chnor is the best candidate. It gives you an idea of how the pre-Angkorian temple ruins (maybe from the 4th century) look, and how they are protected amongst the stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave. It’s exciting to drive to Phnom K’Chnor, and along the driving route, expect to meet the picturesque farmlands (pepper and durian are abundant), the impressive mountains, and then the brick ruins.

How to Get to Kampot in Cambodia

Bus and Taxi

It is convenient to drive on the paved road of National Highway No 3 from Phnom Penh to Kampot. Of course, you can drive on your own or book a private car from a local Cambodia tour agency. Otherwise, use the bus service to Kampot, which departs every day at 7:30 AM and 1:15 PM, from the Central Market of Phnom Penh (for instance, Sorya Bus Company: No 168). It takes approximately 4 or 5 hours to arrive at the destination via the air-con bus.
The Sihanoukville Kampot bus drives on the National Highway No 4 first (for 40km), and then it turns east on National Highway No 3 aiming to Kampot (for another 75km). The highway is paved and in the good condition to ensure the safe drive. As usual, this bus route takes around 1 or 2 hours. The other fantastic option to reach Kampot is to use the taxi. Just tell the driver your guesthouse or hotel, and then they will drive you to the target.

Tuk-tuk and Motorcycle

Kampot has a border with Vietnam in Ha Tien, which is only 60km from the provincial town. Therefore, it is reasonable to take a tuk-tuk or ride a motorbike to Kampot from Vietnam. There is an international border crossing called Prek Chak/Xixia that allows people to take Road No 33 to drive to Kampot. As the road is well paved, take it easy to have a scenic drive. Otherwise, there are lots of tuk-tuk and motorbike waiting for the Vietnamese travelers at the border crossing to bring them to Kampot.

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