Cambodia culture brings cultural imprints of Hinduism and Buddhism that were imported from India. The flow of religious ideas throughout the length history of Cambodia created a strong influence on both material and spiritual life.

1. Belief

Cambodia is a country where people have strongest religious belief in the world. Religion is imported to Cambodia very soon. Hindu is presented in Cambodia from its infancy and has quickly captured the Cambodian people’s beliefs. Until the seventh century, Buddhism was introduced to the temple country, became the state religion with over 90% of Cambodians are Buddhists. And since then Buddhist has influence on all aspects of the Cambodian life from the ethical standards to the way social interaction of family members. The presence of Buddhism was an important contribution to create its own cultural identity of Cambodia. Today, Buddhism remains the cornerstone of culture – society in Cambodian particular and Southeast Asia countries in general.

2.Temples Architecture

Religion is an integral part of the Cambodian life, it is as every day food and drinking water. So strong religion affects both thinking way and aesthetics of Cambodia. This is shown very clearly in the architectural of temples, pagodas and other buildings. A very famous architecture is Angkor populations especially Angkor Wat built of stone, soil and trees … reflected the idea of materialism and shape of Hindu as well as design the same scene in Buddhism. The blend of 2 Indian religious beliefs is associated with traditional idealism has created a strange culture architecture style but just know “that is Cambodia”.

3.Khmer Dance

With over 90% of Cambodians are Buddhists, so holding festivals andattending temples yearly happen very usually. The dances and songs in the festivals bring the breath and soul of Buddhism. But in all Hindu festivals, it seems to be richer in dances and songs such as using ancient orchestra “Pin Peat” with full of instruments mainly made from bamboo, neohouzeaua tree, wood … Ancient dancing art acclaimed the Creator of Hinduism, royal dancing art is derived fromcharacter “Apsara” in Hindu mythology … Cambodia with dozens of ethnic groups, each group has different dances and melodies certainly making visitors unforgettable a sumptuous artistic party.

4. Greeting

The traditional greeting of Cambodians is one person with his hands in front of chest movements (similar hand gestures of Buddhism prayer). There are many ways to greet depending on the relationship, age and hierarchy among people. A person who wants to show reverence to the opposite will bend overlower and clasp hands in a higher position. Principle of behavior when greeting in Cambodia is very simple: answer all the greetings you receive.

Culture and behavior of Cambodia is dominated by the belief in many religions and closer to the culture of the neighboring countries such as Laos, Viet Nam, Thailand. Be influenced by many cultures imported from India, China has created avarious Cambodia culture and people here own distinctive culture but still familiar to tourists Asian countries.

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