Koh Kong in Cambodia (also called “Kong Island”) is a captivating and primitive destination that has been attracting numerous vacationers. If you have not decided what to see exactly in Cambodia, just consider one of the best island provinces in the country which is Koh Kong. Get useful tips on Koh Kong Island Cambodia here with Cambodia Tour Agency !

Krasaop natural park, Koh Kong

About Koh Kong Island Cambodia

The Kong Island Province is located in the most southwest of Cambodia. With the international border to Thailand, from Koh Kong 10km, it is quite easy to reach Hat Lek in the south of Thailand. The road condition today is greatly improved for the smooth access. Its capital is KhemarakPhoumin. Besides, the town is encompassed by the dense forest which connects to the mainland via bridges and ferries. The destination is beautifully depicted with the coastline, mountainous, and forested areas. One of the best highlights of this province is part of the Cardamom Mountains which are the most massive coherent rainforest of Southeast Asia. The natural characteristics of waterfalls, wildlife, and forest make this island province perfect for ecotourism throughout the year. The overnight stay in this tranquil town lets you explore the interesting local nightlife as well as the friendly residents. Koh Kong is a favorite site during an Indochina journey that travelers always feel delightful. The pristine and spellbinding destination is right for you if you like something new and adventurous.


What to See in Koh Kong Island?

Chi Phat

Chi Phat is the Southeast Asia’s biggest remaining section of rainforest located in the center of Cardamom Mountains. The greenness in this destination can enchant almost everybody with the dense mangrove forest, impressive mountains, and lowland swamps. It feels like you’re stepping into a pristine forest world that encourages you to stay wholesomely friendly to nature. When enjoying wildlife, some people feel accountable to protecting the environment and increasing their awareness of a variety of flora and fauna. Also, the scattering of some burial jars and wooden coffins make the area even more mystical and weird to both local and global tourists. Besides sightseeing, trekking through forest and meeting chummy villagers are two excellent activities.

KbalChhay Waterfall (or KohPor)

Situated in MondulSeima District, around 16km to the north of Koh Kong, the beautiful KbalChhay Waterfall is powerful enough to attract vacationers worldwide. In the scenic settings of the mountain range and forest, the waterfall creates a fascinating picture of nature for sightseeing, having a picnic, trekking, and photographing. You might even find more exciting things to do in this fantastic area. The trekking journey along a stream in the middle of the wild scenery gives an authentic experience. At the height of 10m high and 8m wide, the waterfall looks incredible, especially during the rainy season. Another exciting thing to do in this waterfall site is to relax under the massive rocks which resemble the cave. Appreciate your relaxing moments!

Lam Da Beach

The elements of sea, sand, and serenity make Lam Da Beach a captivating site for a beach vacation in Koh Kong. The beach is approximately 20km from the provincial town. The attraction is where to enjoy various water activities, ranging from relaxing on the golden beach to cherishing the green trees along the coast. This natural place of interest is ideal for travelers of all age. While the elders can rest on shining and warm beach, the young people get opportunities to do the selfie at numerous flattering corners. The natural landscape of this island province can win everybody’s interest, and you will never regret refreshing moments as well as bewitching beach – the great treat for the eyes.

The PrekChikO’ SreySranash

Nestled in anidyllic location, around 6km from the provincial town, the impressive attraction of PrekChik O’ SreySranashturns to be one of the best choices for people to rest, especially during the weekend!The stay in this nice setting becomes highly memorable when you can stay in a green and fresh atmosphere where stress and bustle have no place. The surrounding landscape of this area also makes it fantastic all year round. In fact, people like to have a perfect picnic in the grassy land. The food even becomes more appetizing in an extraordinary venue.

Ta Tai Waterfall

The Ta Tai Village is traditional and interesting while its local waterfall shares the unbeatable charm. Ta Tai Waterfall itself is picturesque and relaxing. Together with the fascinating landscape, the surrounding of 84 families living in the local village makes the site even more inviting. It’s reported that the villagers mainly live by fishing and hunting, and this is a great local trait to learn. At first sight, you’ll be convinced of the 2-stage waterfall at the highest of 15m which is highly flattering.

Tatai Waterfall

How to Get to Koh Kong in Cambodia?

By Road

If you start from Hat Lek (Thailand), then you can take a bus or taxi to Koh Kong, and this is the popular way for the backpackers. Crossing the border might require the Cambodian arrival visa due to your nationality. There are also buses/share taxis which run from Phnom Penh to Koh Kong, and the journey takes around 8 hours. The estimated charge for a bus ticket in this route is USD$6.25. Also, the average bus cost from Kep via Kampot to Koh Kong is USD$16. Know that this island destination is connected to Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville by the Highway 48. While the roads are paved, there are several bridges on the way. Of course, with a local map on hand, you can decide to drive on your own to the scenic site.

By Boat

The local people no longer use boats from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville. The service stopped in 2009.

When to Visit the island of Koh Kong

The island of Koh Kong experiences the country’s tropical climate which is warm and humid most of the year. But based on the average temperature and some visible weather condition, it’s possible to analyze the three seasons for ecotourism here.

  • June – October: This period brings rain to Koh Kong, with the average temperature of 27-30 Celsius degrees and the high humidity. The outdoor exploration of wildlife, waterfall, and beach might become less excited and uncomfortable when the rain comes. But if you accept the rain, things are okay as the destination remains green and fresh during the rainy season.
  • November – February: These months bring Koh Kong the cool wind and freezing atmosphere at night. With the average temperature of 26 Celsius degrees, some people say it is not cold at all. But, it falls as low as 16 Celsius degrees at night, and make some individuals find it unpleasant to sleep. Note that December and January are the two coolest months here. Make sure you lay the heads in the accommodation with the thick blanket.
  • March – May: This is the hot time with the average temperature of 29-35 Celsius degrees, which motivates everybody to enjoy a beach vacation. What could be dipping yourself in the cool blue seawater to avoid the scorching heat? March – May is the best time to seeKoh Kong Island Cambodia, and you should know that April is the hottest month. The ecological and cultural Koh Kong is perfect for family, group, couple, solo travelers, etc., to find joy from the pristine world of the beach, mountain, forest, and waterfall which remain bewitching during the hot season.

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