In search of the best floating village in Cambodia, tourists are likely to come across the name of Kompong Khleang (also called Kampong Khleang). This is an authentic and idyllic floating site in Siem Reap that people should not skip during the journeys to the Kingdom. So if you’ve already visited the Khmer temples, checked in the Old Market in Siem Reap, and had some time left, then invest it in the fantastic floating village. Here are top 4 reasons why to see Kompong Khleang.

#1: The Less Touristy yet Most Charming Floating Village in Siem Reap

As the ideal floating village in Siem Reap, Kompong Khleang remains intact and untouched by the tourism industry. The local lifestyle is well preserved to attract the visitors who want to see the floating houses, the fishing techniques on the bamboo boats, how local kids paddle boats in a skillful way, how people swim in the river, etc. Without a doubt, photography opportunities during the discovery are countless. Culture and way of life of the undisturbed communities in this village are the beautiful highlights to experience. Try living the ways like the locals do, and this brings the trip of distinction to all new guests. You will not see the mob of other tourists in this less-crowded site; this makes it different from the touristy Chong Kneas which can host up to 7.000 tourists/day during high season.

#2: The Friendly Village in Cambodia with No Scams

Some of the villages in Cambodia are rife with scams and they displease the travelers. Luckily, Kompong Khleang has no level of scams that ensure the satisfactory travel. As this is not the form of the floating markets for the tourists, you will not see the overpriced products, the souvenir shops, or floating eateries that offer services. As communicated, this genuine floating village in Siem Reap is where to see the locals’ real lifestyle, the floating lodges, the traditional stilted houses, and the Khmer people. Whether or not you go with a tour guide, the visit to this village is trouble-free at all.

Kompong Khleang Floating Village in Cambodia

Kompong Khleang Floating Village in Cambodia

#3: The off-the-beaten-track Kompong Khleang to Discover More of Cambodia

Being best in terms of size and charm level, Kompong Khleang Floating Village also remains off-the-beaten-track. It takes around 1 hour to reach by car from Siem Reap. So if you want to view the rural Cambodian landscapes and floating houses outside of the cityscape, then this brings the fantastic opportunities to create differences. Due to the time of the year you arrive, the interesting things to see could be the lush rice fields, the local markets full of the Khmer people, the cows and buffalos on the farms, and ranges of the mangrove forests. There are approximately 100 stilted houses on the Tonle Sap to see along the scenic drive to this largest floating village in Siem Reap. Each Khmer house is different with the eye-catching style, paint, and material.

#4: The Inclusive Kompong Khleang to See up to Three Floating Villages

Kompong Khleang itself is the major floating village in which most of the residents like in the stilted houses. Departing from this spot and out to the lake, the boat trip will also take visitors to two other floating sites. The first is Chong Prolay – a Khmer floating village of the small size. Some minutes later, you can access an ethnic Vietnamese floating village. Both villages have the floating houses which sail throughout the year. So, the travel to Kompong Khleang lets you meet three distinctive floating sites in the price of one.

Siem Reap might have other Cambodia floating villages, but Kompong Khleang seems to be the best with peaceful atmosphere, well-preserved culture and lifestyle, and no scams. Whether you go on a tour or travel on your own, think of getting there when you’re in Siem Reap. Contact for more tips you might need!

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