Kratie in Cambodia is a little yet spectacular town which lies on the banks of the mighty Mekong River. The destination is ideal for backpackers and thrill-seekers who look for the primeval beauty of Cambodian nature. With the valuable French colonial buildings and the bewitching islands, a new worthy destination to be explored today is Kratie.

About Kratie Cambodia Tourism

Kratie Province is nestled in the east of Cambodia. This is the less inhabited, and people mainly live on the Mekong riverbank. The area is surrounded by many ancient French-colonial buildings, the rich flora along the riverbank, and some immense islands. One of the best highlights of Kratie refers to the exclusive Irrawaddy dolphins who live in the stretch of the river in the north of the city; just only around 120 remaining, so they are worth watching for sure. Besides, the area features some thick-forested corners that might be ideal for trekking through the dense forests. Arguably, Kratie owns the characteristics of the forest, island, and ancient building for tourism throughout the year. The local islands have the clear and calm water, the spectacular sandbank, and the sleepy atmosphere. So, while some travelers love relaxing in Kratie islands, the others are keen on learning the French and Khmer architecture here. The countryside images of Cambodia can be best drawn in Kratie.

Kratie Cambodia Attractions

Chruoy Rey Village

Among the most historical sites in Kratie, the Chruoy Rey is an outstanding landmark. The site is located at Kantring Village and is one of the most visited attractions in this rustic destination. People get there to witness the exceptional structures lodges of the villagers and listen to some unwritten stories about the history of Kratie. The pristine look of the village encourages you to discover what has been covered inside for ages. The friendliness of local people and picturesque scenery make your trip memorable.

Koh Pdao Island

Koh Pdao Island KratieIn the northeast of Cambodia, in Kratie Province, the Koh Pdao Island becomes recognizable for the rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins. While the landscape of the Mekong River is wonderful, the dolphins are the huge magnet attracting the visitors worldwide. If you enjoy a boat trip here and have luck, you might notice some dolphins swimming next to the boat. It is a sign of luck! What’s more, look for the spellbinding sunset over the picturesque island! At night, the river looks like a golden banner thanks to the moonlight. The visit becomes more fantastic than ever via some community activities like digging fish and frog ponds, farming, etc.

Phnom Preah

Phnom Preah KratieThe wildlife of Kratie is well preserved in Phnom Preah – home to a wide range of birds and mammals – top listed in Kratie Cambodia things to do. The attraction is located 30km from the town of Kratie in Cambodia, and people usually drive there to see the wildlife. The nature lovers definitely love this site as it is green and rich in flora and fauna. Besides, it attracts the wildlife conservationists coming to do their valuable research. So, let’s be friendly to nature right in Cambodia, and see what is protected in Phnom Preah!

Phnom Sopor Kaley

Another fantastic site to see in Kratie is Phnom Sopor Kaley which is famous as a historical and natural site. With the idyllic location in the foothills of the Sopor Kaley Mountain, this attraction looks extremely peaceful and spectacular. While the spectacular mountain gives the additional score for sightseeing, the historical values in Phnom Sopor Kaley offer some real feelings about the history of Kratie. Make sure you don’t ignore this site!

The 100 Column Pagoda

The 100 Column Pagoda KratieErected in Sam Bor District, around 36km from Kratie, the 100 Column Pagoda is surely worth a visit. Besides the revered spiritual meanings, the pagoda has the exceptional architecture. Know that this religious monument was built in an area which once was the location of Royal Palace Temple belonged to Sam Phu Borak Capital during the Chen La time! At first sight, you might identify this pagoda faces to the North. Besides, there are three other Buddhist sites in the area, and each faces the different directions.

Cham Pey Waterfall

Cham Pey Waterfall KratieThe natural waterfall wins the fame for its bewitching landscape at the mountain valley. While the mountain is full of rock and colorful flowers, the waterfall makes up the beautiful water flow. The relaxing atmosphere in this natural site is absolute, and people can steer clear of stress. After hours of sightseeing, hiking, or having a picnic in the scenic setting, you might want to lay the heads in the nearby resort named Rut Cham Pey. The cultural and peaceful resort is the best place for meditation, and you might even notice some religious statues in the spot.

How to get to Kratie in Cambodia

Travel to Kratie by road

Traveling to Kratie by road lets you experience the bus, coach, or taxi journey. Provided that you begin from Phnom Penh, then the journey is likely to take the National Road # 6 and 7. The distance from Phnom Penh to Kratie is 328km. So, check out if your area has the buses that run to Kratie, and simply buy the tickets in the central bus station. Another channel is to take the share taxi if you are not far from Kratie. For instance, people usually take the share taxi from Kampong Cham to Kratie. What’s more, the motorcycle tour to the destination has been initiated by some backpacker groups. Local Cambodia travel agency operates tours with private transfer by car, van or coach. The little villages on the route let you gas up your vehicle and find some basic food stalls.

Travel to Kratie by bullet boat

The bullet boat is one of the easiest ways to get to the destination, especially from Kampong Cham. Note that people prefer Phnom Penh-Kratie bus to the bullet boat because the road condition in this route is much improved! Therefore, the bullet boat mainly runs from Kampong Cham to Kratie and vice versa (often departs at 7:00 AM). Furthermore, there is another bullet boat route from Stung Treng to Kratie which is only available during the rainy season. 

When to Visit Kratie Cambodia

While Cambodia experiences the tropical climate, Kratie possesses the typical traits of warm and humid throughout the year. Though people say it is ideal to visit Kratie all the times, there are some significant notes about the rainy, cool, and hot seasons that the visitors should be aware of before they go.

  • May – October: These months belong to the rainy season, with the average temperature of 24 – 36 Celsius degrees, and the humidity up to 90%. Besides the rain, this weather condition is not suitable for those traveling by road, especially during September and October, because the countryside roads might become impassable.
  • November – February: These months are categorized into the cool season, with the average temperature of 18-26 Celsius degrees. The lowest temperature is 16 Celsius degrees, and December and January are the two coolest months that you should bear in mind.
  • March – May: These months feature the hot time, with the average temperature is 27-35 Celsius degrees. Take notice that April is the hottest month in a year! Though it is hot, the road condition becomes convenient for access, and the weather is perfect for outdoor exploration. Therefore, most of the tourists say this is the best time to visit Kratie Cambodia. Also, the spring atmosphere makes you feel comfortable and energetic to go outside.

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