Mondulkiri in Cambodia is a mountainous and primitive destination that travelers might come to find a peaceful shelter indeed. If you’re fed up with the bustling city life, it’s time to find something pristine, tranquil, and charming. And, a worthy choice now and always is Mondulkiri.

About Mondulkiri in Cambodia

This mountainous province of Cambodia has its border with Kratie Province to the west, Ratanakiri Province to the north, Stung Treng to the northwest, and Vietnam to the east and the south. The capital of Mondulkiri is Senmonorom, which is approximately 375km from Phnom Penh.Even though this area is spacious (around 14,288 square kilometers), it is least inhabited by the Cambodians. As a result, Mondulkiri is famous for the untouched nature and ethnic long-lasting Khmer villages. The destination can even give you a real feel for the rustic Cambodia. For anybody that appreciates the bustle-free atmosphere, then Mondulkiri is a shelter just for them. The highlights of the primeval waterfalls, mountains, forest, and the well-preserved ethnic culture can win the travelers’ interest. What’s more, the lush green rolling hills offer the magnificent corners for photography all year round. Know that Mondulkiri is amongst Cambodia’s most successional woodlands! From the pure jungle to a wide variety of flora and fauna, you will surely feel refreshed here.

What to do in Mondulkiri

Bou Sra Waterfall

bou sra waterfall mondulkirUsed in the Khmer song, Bou Sra Waterfall is massive and picturesque enough to become a worthy attraction in Mondulkiri. It is situated at Pich Chenda District, around 43km from Senmonorom town. This waterfall is gifted with the empowering showers that are perfect for sightseeing and relaxing. Some travelers even love to have a picnic amidst the peaceful landscape. After a quick hiking through the virgin forest, you will be rewarded with the amazing view of the beautiful waterfall, and then it’s your turn to enjoy a picnic lunch. The green and fresh ambiance in Bou Sra is what many busy people appreciate to wipe out the life trauma and give them peace of mind.

Chrey Thom Waterfall

chrey thom waterfall mondulAmongst the best natural highlights of Mondulkiri, there cannot lack the name of Chrey Thom Waterfall which is around 43km from Senmonorom town. The height and magnificent of the site vary due to the season. It can reach 15m high in the dry season and 11m high in the rainy time. Here, you might notice the dominant presence of Srolao trees and Chrey tree. Another interesting point about this waterfall is that it can be exclusively accessed by the beautiful red pebble path. You will absolutely love it.

Memang Gold Mines Area for Mondulkiri Elephant Ride

mondulkiri elephantThe Memang is very famous amongst explorers who cherish the untamed nature and inspiring trekking trails. Visiting this Gold Mines Area, you can expect for the memorable excursions through the winding tracks as well as the sprawling forests. The wildlife here is valuable associated with the dense flora and fauna. Also, the presence of O’Clor village in which the wildlife reserve is located stimulates your trip. What makes this area special is the elephant. As Memang is so fresh and pristine, it is home to various animals and plants. Particularly, the Mondulkiri elephant trekking tour is wonderful, and then people can choose to enjoy camping here.

Lak Pok Bras Waterfall

Just 13km from Senmonorom District, Lak Pok Pras Waterfall is listed also in the What-to-do-in-Mondulkiri list !The waterfall attracts the nature lovers and thrill-seekers to come to learn about the local farming techniques and witness the charming nature. The waterfall looks eye-catching with the height of 10m during the dry season. At the base of the water, you see a massive water reservoir in which you enjoy swimming freely. Surrounding the area is the natural range of trees which create the perfect share for swimming and relaxing. Looking further, it’s fantastic to see the inviting mountainous forests as well as the dramatic undulating hills. What’s more, know that this waterfall is close to the native ethnic groups of Phnong, Tum Poun, Charay, Stieng people who remain the original cultural diversity of the region.

Pahlung Village for Mondulkiri Trekking

pahlung village mondulkiriThe elephant trekking through Pahlung Village is exciting. Though this is a small village, it is worth visiting thanks to the exceptional ethnic culture, the dense jungle, and the rustic nature in each corner. Some thrill-seekers even love to stay overnight in this area, with the advice to bring mosquito repellent, water, and snack. Otherwise, it’s best to explore the jungle with the knowledgeable local guide. From the elephant touch to the scenic primeval setting, Pahlung Village is ideal for Mondulkiri trekking trip and ecotourism in Cambodia as well. Notice that this village is on the route to Bou Sra Waterfall! The route is scenic with the winding tracks, and each corner offers the flattering moments.

Phnom Prich Sanctuary

phnom prich sanctuary monduBeing famous for the sprawling rainforests and the picturesque rivers, Phnom Prich Sanctuary is a must-see highlight in Mondulkiri. The sanctuary owns the idyllic and safe landscape to save Cambodia’s diverse flora and fauna. Various kinds of animals and plants take this place their home, so the visitors can expect to meet the wildlife such as tiger, wild water buffalo, Asian elephant, jungle cat, giant ibises, crane, etc. The Mondulkiri jungle trekking to this place might also include the camping experience in the dense forest.

How to get to Mondulkiri

Since the year of 2012, the driving road condition from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri has been improved. At present, it takes around 7-8 hours driving to reach the destination. Luckily, there are lots of taxi and coach choices for the travelers to use. Otherwise, if you are going on a Cambodia tour to this site, expect for the comfortable private transfers!

In the case of buses, they run from Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom of Mondulkiri on a daily basis, and the trip takes even a whole day. Please note that the buses are mainly available during the dry time because the road might get slippery for business during the rainy season.

What’s more, it is your decision to ride on your own to Mondulkiri, and look forward to the scenic journey. The distance from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri is about 360km. The motorcycle tour to Mondulkiri has been a hot trend for the young explorers who appreciate both the beautiful scenery and the challenging road in some corners. It is best to ride in a group as you might pass by some remote landscapes on the way.

When to Visit Mondulkiri Cambodia

The province experiences the three major seasons in a year which the travelers find it always useful to keep in mind.

  • June – October: These months shower Mondulkiri with some rain and cloudy condition, but the average temperature is over 25 Celsius degrees. Since the rain might ruin the outdoor exploration of waterfalls, village, or sanctuary, it’s obvious that this is not the best period to see the destination. Anyhow, the lack of heat or coldness might be suitable to some individuals out there.
  • November February: This is the cool season in Mondulkiri, featuring the low temperature (less than 20 Celsius degrees) and freezing ambiance at night. The travelers should always bring the warm clothes if their schedule falls into this period. The cool time even makes Mondulkiri more peaceful and quiet than the rest of the year.
  • March May: The temperature of this period is between 20 and 30 Celsius degrees. Though it is hot, such condition stands out as the best time to visit Mondulkiri. The dry and hot condition makes the destination ideal for accessing by road, sightseeing the natural highlights, and playing outdoor all day and night.

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