Cambodia Travel News

Known as a mysterious and cheap tourist destination, Cambodia Tourism 2021 is still in search of thrill-seekers, even in the day and age of COVID-19. Though people will not travel abroad right now, the interest in packages to this country urges them to contact tour agents, asking for the safety status in the kingdom. The […]

According to The Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia recorded 04 new Covid-19 positive cases, which bring the total to 37, on March 19. This situation drives the Cambodian tourism sector to face difficulty and asks the locals to enhance their virus awareness by wearing face masks, using hand sanitizer or gel to wash their hands regularly, […]

Angkor Wat is so famous that the whole world knows and wants to cherish it. On December 03, the flat grounds of the well-known Angkor is going to celebrate the fantastic charity race: Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2017.  Read on to know more about this internationally recognized event in Cambodia. The 22nd Angkor Wat […]

Cambodia now offers a fantastic service for the campers worldwide, namely the Luxury Tented Camp. Going camping embraces numerous enjoyable moments, and in the sense of luxury, the tented camp in Cambodia ensures to delight even the most fastidious guests. For any next trip to the kingdom, consider whether you would love the nights with […]

Sambor Prei Kuk in Cambodia has a history of 16-17 centuries, and recently it has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since being inscribed by the UNESCO, this wonder attracts the visitors worldwide coming to contemplate the antique architectural and religious masterpiece. Get mote tips on teh new UNESCO World Heritage […]

Cambodia has long been attracting many vacationers all over the world who are keen on both the unique Angkor archaeological sites and pristine countryside nature. Also, the country is reputable for the warm welcome, delectable food, and Khmer culture. Anybody who is going to travel to Cambodia from India should come prepared to the country […]

Cambodia is an attractive destination in Indochina lands as well as the whole Southeast Asia. The country is noticeable for rich resources of pagodas, the laid-back atmosphere, virgin beaches, and the magnificent Angkor. Travel to Cambodia from USA seems to be the fantastic choice for the American citizens who seek for something antique, pristine, and […]

Kampong Speu in Cambodia might not very popular to tourists as the land remains unspoiled by tourism. But, Kampong Speu is beautiful on its own, regardless of whether or not people know about it. This is the fantastic countryside destination for you all to view the rustic charm of Cambodia. So, if wanting to swim […]

Kampong Chhnang in Cambodia is beautiful and peaceful with several extraordinary tourist attractions to amaze the new guests. If you ask whether you should see this site, the answer should always be “Yes, you should always.” So, today let us draw your attention to one of the most appealing destinations in Cambodia – Kampong Chhnang. […]

The Cambodian government announced that: since February 2017, the ticket price will be 37 USD/day to visit the temples in Angkor. The daily ticket to visit the temples in Angkor will rise from 20 USD to 37 USD while the ticket for 3 days increases from 40 to 62 USD and the weekly ticket will […]