In any discussion about the hottest tourist highlights of Cambodia, it will never lack the name of Phnom Penh. Whether you come across Phnom Penh in paper or through videos and pictures, it’s agreed that this tourist destination has received many good reviews and praises. For all good reasons, you’d better set foot on the site to explore, witness, and evaluate the actual charm of the Cambodian capital – Phnom Penh – at least once in a lifetime.

What to Keep in Mind about Phnom Penh?

Phnom Penh was the capital of Cambodia in 1431. Then, the city has grown to be the attractive port and trading center by the mid-16th century. Prior to the civil war, this capital was nicknamed “The Pearl of Asia”, and it was regarded as one of the best cities in the region. The history of Phnom Penh was linked to the crime of Khmer Rouge in the 1970s or Pol Pot era that put thousands of Cambodians to death tragically.

Nowadays, the tranquil atmosphere in Phnom Penh has won numerous tourists who want to witness the historic monuments and refresh their minds in the hassle-free way. Within the capital area, you’re granted a lot of chances to go see the National Museum, the Royal Palace, and Silver Pagoda. Have you ever heard anything about the Silver Pagoda? Know that the pagoda gains fame for the 5,000 silver floor tiles!

The Phnom Penh Capital has renewed its face with various excellent dining and entertaining options like restaurants, cafes, hotels, boutique shops, art galleries, etc., to please the tourists worldwide. When walking around the capital, you realize the new light of energy and prosperity. If you’re about to travel to Phnom Penh, just enjoy the exciting time when you’re in the capital two or more days and nights. Beside developing the modern facilities, the capital attempts to preserve its old-world charm incorporated into the French colonial architecture and traditional ornate temples or pagodas.

After All, What To See in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is full of historical and cultural merits. You go back in time significantly when being in the capital of Laos. While the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda feast your eyes with the magnificent scenes and ornate objects, the National Museum of Arts stores the inestimable collection of historical items and artifacts in which the country history was held. They are considered as the links to the past. So if you want to go back in time, just study and listen to various stories behind these memorable objects.

In addition to the leading attractions above, Phnom Penh destination is also featured with some other remarkable sites including Independence Monument, Phnom Penh Central Market, Phnom Tamao Zoo, Tuol Sleng (S21) Museum, Sisowath Quay, Wat Phnom, and Wat Onualom.

The Phnom Penh Tours and Excursions assure that you will get to know the Cambodia’s Capital much better than what are stated in any paper. There are numerous things to discover around the capital. If you have already planned for a Cambodian Tour, spice up your stay with the prioritized list of the favorite attractions. Expect to realize the matchless charm of Phnom Penh and its unique history as well as culture and cuisine.

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