If you intend to have a night out in Phnom Penh, this destination promises to entertain your night out with lots of vibrant bars and venues after the sun goes down. Phnom Penh is the very charming party town with numerous dance clubs, pubs, sports bars, discos, hostess bars, and so forth. Just evaluate the Phnom Penh nightlife by tuk-tuk, on foot, or via motorbike to stop at the destined night establishments.

The Very Good Bars in Phnom Penh

The first nightspot to see is the Cadillac Bar & Grill, which functions as both bar and restaurant. Here, the party souls can relax at the nice, laid-back music atmosphere and also the big menu of excellent cuisine. There are lots of decent homemade foods for you to savor namely Texas chili, roast beef, pizza, gumbo, etc., from the early morning until midnight.

The next exciting bar is Candy Bar where is full of the gorgeous hostesses. The bar offers rock and hip-hop music played by the live DJ for you to relax on the cushioned seats. When it’s time to fulfill stomach, just order the renowned Khmer, Thai, and Western foods. The recreational pool table, live sports TV, and games greatly support your stay in this 24-hour bar.

Additionally, as one of Phnom Penh’s oldest bars, Cathouse Bar & Restaurant is the favorite address for the foreigners to gather and chat with the chummy locals. Just sit back in the bar, glance at the extensive menu, and order what you like to boost the night out. The combination of bar and restaurant makes Cathouse the worthy establishment for the sleepless youth.

Moreover, Chiva’s Shack Bar, Restaurant & Guesthouse is the very friendly address to relish the Khmer rock music while enjoying glasses of beers and cocktails. The chummy hostesses are eager to serve you in the alive and kicking atmosphere. The bar is open 24 hours, making it the preferable venue for both locals and expats.

What’s more, Howie Bar attracts the passers-by by the loud music and nice-looking design. The dance floor here is usually crowded with numerous foreigners who come to stay away from stress and let soul fly freely. Howie Bar serves you until the last customers leave; therefore, it’s the wonderful address for the energetic souls after midnight.

Phnom Penh has some other fascinating bars and pubs to entertain the new guests, and any of these suggested names are worth a go: Lobby Lounge & Bar, Pit Stop Bar, Rubies Wine Bar, Shanghai Bar, Sharky Bar & Restaurant, and Sport Bar.

Larrys Bar Grill Phnom Penh

Pub and Nightclub in Phnom Penh

Especially, QC Nightclub is the gay-friendly nightclub for everybody to join DJ parties with diva disco and electro house music. The parties may be organized by themes in this full-light stylish club for gays. Another authentic night establishment is FCC (Foreign Correspondent’s Club) – the ancient French colonial building converted into the popular clubs for expats and tourists to savor beer, cocktails, and Western & Asian foods. For the real Irish pub zone in Phnom Penh, you find no address better than Rory’s Irish Pub & Guesthouse, the exciting atmosphere full of loud music, friendly guest, and Irish whiskey.

Phnom Penh is safe, but it’s critical to get some safety notices. When moving from one nightlife venue to another or coming back to your hotel at late night, please use tuk-tuk or taxi available. You should keep an eye on the surroundings.

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