While traveling to Angkor Wat is always a top thing to do, looking for places to stay near Angkor Wat can help tourists save time and money to explore the wonders of temples, especially if they buy the 3-Day Pass or 7-Day Pass. To answer the question “Where to sleep,” here is a list of the recommended hotels that you can take into consideration.

Even before or after exploring the temple ruins, it’s always wonderful to rest and soak yourself in the cool water. Therefore, you should book a room in the hotel with an outdoor pool for the utmost relaxation. The hotel booking in advance will benefit you in terms of room availability and charges. Before traveling to Cambodia, understand that the hotels near Angkor will be out of rooms very quickly during the peak season (November – March).

Top 5 Hotels near Angkor

#1: Angkor Orchid Central Hotel

Not only does Angkor Orchid Central Hotel own the beautiful location on the riverside, but it is also next to Angkor Wat and other tourist attractions namely Angkor Night Market, Pub Street, and Wat Damnak. With the convenient proximity, tourists can walk, cycle, or take a tuk-tuk to the archaeological park. In regards to the hotel facilities and hospitality services, almost all guests rank this accommodation well. Especially, good comments are about Cambodian food, nice coffee shop, friendly staff, and fresh gardens.

Address: Wat Damnak Road, Krong Siem Reap

#2: Tara Angkor Hotel

For accommodation close enough to the Angkor Park, Tara Angkor Hotel meets your requirements about the proximity, and its quality is praiseworthy. It takes the 7-minute walk from the hotel to the archaeological ruins. In particular, you just walk around 12 minutes to Angkor Wat, 19 minutes to Bayon temple, and further a bit, 3km to the Angkor night market. The facilities of bars, restaurants, spa, outdoor pool, etc., of this 4-star hotel, guarantee your comfort. Its gorgeous construction is ideal for check-in photos.

Address: Charles De Gaulle, Krong Siem Reap

#3: Silk D’ Angkor Residence

Getting 4.8 out of 5 stars ranking, Silk D’ Angkor Residence is great for visitors who want to stay close enough to the heritage. It might take 13 minutes to walk to Angkor Wat and 20 minutes to Bayon temple. The ancient-looking and splendid structure of this accommodation are worth every dollar and cent. The well-equipped properties and entertainment support make this hotel a top choice for an amazing stay. Its highlights include the full-of-greenery, extremely supportive staff, lovely pool, and good bathroom.

Address: River Road, West Slorkram Commune

#4: The Cyclo d’Angkor Boutique Hotel

With great location (on the road to Angkor Wat) and great service, The Cyclo d’Angkor Boutique Hotel is certainly a wonderful lodging recommendation which is a 9-minute walk from Angkor National Museum and 6km from the imposing Angkor Wat. The key strength of this hotel that guests highly raise is the staff’s friendliness and expertise. It is so hospitable and warm that makes people feel homelike and reluctant to leave. Definitely, it is a good recommendation for a family vacation. The pool, the garden view, the food & drinks, etc., are all satisfactory.

Address: Charles De Gaulle, Krong Siem Reap

#5: Le Meridien Angkor

Cambodian hospitality is well-preserved in Le Meridien Angkor that you will be served by the hospitable staff as well as the fantastic properties. The Khmer design in each detail provides the iconic photography and memory that would be imprinted on the mid. But all above, its location is just less than 10-minute drive to Angkor Wat. This is the closest 5-star hotel to the heritage of Angkor. The hotel’s colonial architecture, gardens, and pool make it the beautiful gateway to the UNESCO-listed Angkor Wat. Around 94% of guests recommend the sumptuous Le Meridien Angkor – one of the best places to stay near Angkor Wat !

Top 5 Temples in Angkor Archaeological Park

In an area of 400 square kilometers with 23 temples marked on the tourists’ Angkor map, there stand out top 5 attractions that are most visited and beloved. Also, it’s possible to visit the whole five in a day.

Take the visit to Angkor Temples

Take the visit to Angkor Temples

#1: Angkor Wat

Without any doubt, Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious monument ever built and the most important temple in the archaeological park. The Wat looks mighty in front of the spacious pond that impresses everybody on the first visit. This is also a wonderful site for watching the sunset. And, the towers of this iconic temple appear on the flag of Cambodia.

#2: Bayon

The beautiful 12th-century Bayon was designed with 54 towers; each tower was carved with cardinal faces of Buddhist deity-Lokeshvara. This symbolizes the deity’s observation over 4 cardinal points. The ancient and captivating charm of the Bayon makes you like getting lost in the jungle-based films, which are mysterious, inspiring, and emotional.

#3: Ta Prohm

It was not by chance that Ta Prohm was made the base for filming “Tomb Raider.” Its special traits are about the temples partly-covered by the age-old trees. The magnificent “Ceiba Pentandra” tree had hugged the temple by the “strong hands” for decades, which created the quaint shapes and the “lost world” scenery. There will be moments that you ask yourself how this amazing structure was formed and survived the test of time.

#4: Ta Keo

This temple was not finished, but today it attracts visitors by the steep stone staircases and the imposing structure. Ta Keo is located nearby the famous Bayon, and it together establishes the charming temple zones to discover. Set amid the large trees and placid areas, the ruin seems to bring the feeling of being forgotten, but make sure you do not forget it.

#5: Banteay Srei

Also named “The Citadel of Women” for its delicate beauty, Banteay Srei is the 10th-century temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The site is famous for its red sandstone and elaborate carvings on the walls. People often use kind words to describe this sanctuary such as “jewel of Khmer art,” which ensures the photogenic look and ancient artistic values.

Stay in hotels near Angkor Wat, and get ready to see the top temple ruins, you’re completing one of the best things to do in a person’s bucket list.

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