If your adventurous spirits have not yet fulfilled, and you’re now eager to explore the new isolated destination of Indochina region, Ratanakiri is the very good spot in Cambodia to consider. Being settled in the far northeast of Cambodia, the remote Ratanakiri destination contains up to 70% ethnic minority. Gradually, the rural destination is discovered and promoted for tourism. The totally quiet countryside brings you back in time, and you can even put all of the life worries behind the back. 

What Makes Ratanakiri Ideal for a Happy Cambodian tour?

Everybody desires to be happy when being on tour. Ratanakiri understands this, and it promises to be your happiness-makers whenever you head to it. The remote area in the northeastern Cambodia embraces the interesting meanings behind its name. Ratanakiri is derived from the two Cambodia words (Ratna means gem and giri means mountains) that refer to the “place of gems and mountains”.

At present, many tourists come to explore the remote destination’s “gems and mountains”. Besides, they get the opportunities to communicate with the local ethnic groups and to stay happy in the rich wildlife atmosphere. In that sense, ecotourism becomes the huge magnet of this site. From the lush wildlife to the remote tribal villages, Ratanakiri tourist destination is worth praising for its primitive charm. The rural land is predominantly inhabited by the indigenous minorities. The pristine nature of Ratanakiri is showcased by its crystal-clear lake, impressive waterfall, green jungle, rugged mountains, etc. The nature lovers will soon fall in love with this land.

The good news to share is that the Cambodian government has made many fine attempts to preserve the eco-site. The tourists are always advised not to harm any of the natural ingredients and also pay focus on the warning signs throughout the protected area. The nature trails in Ratanakiri call for the adventurers’ interest. Some actually follow the trails to see what the absolute nature can offer them in the real time happily.

What are the Notable Tourist Attractions in Ratanakiri?

The highlights of Ratanakiri are the lake, mountains, waterfalls, national park, and wildlife sanctuary. About the lake, Yeak Loam Lake is the most gorgeous lake of the site formed by a volcanic eruption nearly 4,000 years ago. In terms of mountain, Eisey Patamak Mountain brings you the awesome peace while spreading the eyes over Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east from its top. The spellbinding serenity is what you need to stay calm and happy.

There are many noteworthy waterfalls in Ratanakiri such as Kachang Waterfall, Katieng Waterfall, Ou’Sean Lair Waterfall, Ou’Sensranoh Waterfall, and Cha Ung Waterfall. And if you want to run freely on the stone field, Veal Rum Plan is worth a visit.

What’s more, Virachay National Park, Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary, and Norng Kabat Forest feature the rich fauna and flora. You find many special kinds of plants, animals, and birds in these notable attractions. The Norng Kabat Forest has pond where many birds and animals come regularly. So, you can visit the pond to witness how the wildlife lives. Furthermore, the surrounding ethnic villages are where the visitors enrich their minds with the ethnic culture, belief, festival, dancing, and music.

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