Something fantastic might occur when you and your little companions enter Angkor Wat archaeological complex, and this Angkor Wat Guide with kids can definitely help. The rewarding trip to the Angkor can provide your kids with great learning opportunities and sightseeing experiences in the magnificent wonders, especially if they are keen on “the lost empire” exploration. The back-in-time journey will be a great treat for your children to learn about the ancient Khmer architecture, the old culture, and little insight about the Khmer.

Research about Angkor Wat Entrance Fee

You should make sure that you know what Angkor Pass to buy from the Angkor ticket center (5:00 AM – 5:30 PM) even before getting there.

  • 1 Day Pass: US$37 / person
  • 3 Day Pass: US$62 / person (only valid within a week)
  • 1 Week Pass: US$72 / person
  • Kids under 10 years old are FREE (require a valid passport or a photocopy of the passport to prove the age).

Remember to keep the Angkor Pass with you during the Angkor Tour Itinerary; if you lose the ticket, you have to incur a penalty. So now, dress yourself and the kids with the shoulders and knees covered, the good walking shoes, hats, and sunscreen, and together, proceed to the UNESCO World Heritage site!

Decide your way to Angkor temples

You need to locate the Angkor temples, which are around 10 minutes driving from Siem Reap city. The Angkor Archaeological Park has an area of more than 400 square kilometers covering the forest and the imposing religious monuments of the 9th-15th centuries. From Siem Reap to Angkor Wat with children, you can use a variety of transportation, but tuk-tuk is recommended for an exciting and authentic transfer. Another option is the taxi which costs around US$20-US$25. The better recommendation is to hire a tuk-tuk for the whole day (only around US$20) in order to move between the temple ruins without a need to walk in the scorching heat; it’s up to you. And before you see the monuments, be prepared for the crowd in the major attraction like Angkor Wat.

Apsara face sculpture at Angkor Wat Temple

Apsara face sculpture at Angkor Wat Temple

Walk to discover the temples of Angkor

You can hire a tuk-tuk to handle the distance between the ruins, but make it clear that you and the children will have enough of walking to explore the temples. What you can do for the little ones are to encourage them to walk and look at the ancient sites that might inspire their interest. As there are many to see, it’s necessary to have a list of the must-see spots in advance. Angkor Wat – the largest and most beautiful temple is a must to see; it is also one of the Wonders of the World to show the kids. The immensity, symmetry, sculpture, antiquity, etc., of Angkor Wat, will first impress the little travelers with the “wow” expressions. Also, appreciate the photography chances and stimulate your children to pose. Capturing photos left, right, and center, and together having a great time!

The next impressive temple to see is Angkor Thom – the last royal capital of the Khmer Empire. If you don’t want to make the kids too exhausted, the advice is to just visit two temples (Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom) per day. It would be better to spend quality time to visit the monuments and study its details than moving from place to place in a rush. So if you agree, take a short tuk-tuk ride from the Angkor Wat to the Bayon Temple of Angkor Thom. The little tourists will be amazed by many giant smiling faces carved on the stone walls. That is spectacular and mysterious!

Notice when your kids need to take a rest

You’re sure to understand that the “short legs” cannot walk as far and long as yours. Therefore, during the Angkor tours with kids, take notice of when the little ones ask you to put them on your shoulder, then it marks the end of their walking efforts. Besides, make sure you take care of the children’s health and give enough refreshments to them during the trip. A wise recommendation is to bring an umbrella to protect your family from both sun and rain. What’s more, urge your kids to use the toilet even before getting to the next temples.

Add Ta Prohm temple to the list for your second day in Angkor

It is best if your kids have watched the “Tomb Raider” movie and now they can actually see the Ta Prohm temple in which the movie was filmed. How excited they are! Ta Prohm will first impress the little visitors with the shrine in the jungle and the giant tree that covers parts of the temple. As trees grow in and out of the ancient ruins, it provides the incredible look for unique photography which can be found nowhere else. In this spot, the kids will likely love playing hide-and-go-seek. And yes, touch the giant old-age trees so that their images will be imprinted on the mind.

Of course, people will not spend a whole day in just Ta Prohm, so take your kids to the next ruin: the 12th-13th-century Banteay Kdei Buddhist temple or the 10th-century Banteay Srei built from red sandstone. The moss-covered wall and ancient sandstone architecture of these monuments are photogenic, indeed, so your family can pose and take fantastic shots.

Think about the most important part of Angkor tour with kids: their smiles

Visiting Angkor archaeological park with kids will be one of the most rewarding experiences you have had, as long as you love watching kids smiling and eagerly exploring the expansive park. The size of the complex might first scare them, but very soon kids will be excited to discover things with the bright eyes and happy smiles. Every step you make together with the little ones, you are building the sweet memories on their mind about the happy family trips, which might be a good start for the next trips.

The fantastic photo albums and stories after the Angkor family travel with kids might be able to entice the other families to go.

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