RV Indochine Mekong River Cruise Launched in Cambodia
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Cambodia owns an ideal setting for Mekong River Cruise voyages of days and nights, which brings lots of passengers and world-wide praises to the country. Recently, Croisi Europe launched the most modern ship named RV Indochine II, aiming to invite more upscale travelers from the Western regions to the Angkor’s home. If you are about to sail to the kingdom, know that now you have the excellent cruise option: RV Indochine II.

Get to know RV Indochine II

This river cruise possesses the brilliant combination of the colonial and modern styles. It is the newest ship launched by Croisi Europe who stated that RV Indochine II was made of the finest materials as well as the state-of-the-art technology. The cruise is dedicated to the high-end services to serve the prestigious guests who want to receive the value-for-money experiences.

This upscale cruise version owns 23 cabins on the upper deck and 8 cabins on the main deck. Each of the cabins is large (193 square feet), well-lit, and comfortable. There is also the spacious lounge area and sundeck where to relax with bar and pool. Books and games are at your disposal so that you learn more about the Asian culture.

It offers the high level of convenience and comfort thanks to the spacious beds, the ample storage space, the private bathroom, the safe, air-conditioner, etc. Especially, the onboard Wi-Fi facilities your connection to the world which can definitely help. The facilities and amenities on the board ensure that the passengers find no boring or uncomfortable second. The cruise can even function as the 4-star floating hotel that is hard to find the competitors.

The centerpiece of this cruise ship is balanced visual effect made of the wood mixed with the diverse colors and materials. It is the creation where the colonial design meets with the modern technology.  With the cutting-edge marine technology and 31 cabins, RV Indochine II is the precious mode of transportation in Cambodia for you all to explore the kingdom by waterway. The shining design and sufficient amenity on the board, such as restaurant, pool, bar, massage, book, game, etc., make the Cambodia Mekong River Cruise Tour full of the sweet and delightful experiences. Know that this vessel can accommodate up to 60 passengers who are promised to get the worthwhile and relaxing cruise experience on the mighty Mekong River, between Siem Reap and Saigon.

A twin cabin on RV Indochine II

A twin cabin on RV Indochine II

New Cambodian Cruise Line with RV Indochine II

The new vessel will sail between Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City. Some itineraries have been built, aiming to show the guests as many attractions along the scenic Mekong River as possible. There stand out dozens of fantastic attractions along the cruise line, particularly from Siem Reap, through Phnom Penh, and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The voyage back and forth presents the passengers with various beautiful sights, culture, and food. The most popular itinerary run by RV Indochine II is the high-end voyages of 9 days between Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City. Of course, the tailor-made cruise line is possible.

With RV Indochine II, the targeted passengers are the foreigners and the prestigious tourists who can spend a week and more to sail between Cambodia and Vietnam. Also, the upscale voyage must be worth every cent so that the high-budget guests will use it over and over whenever they feel like cruising in Cambodia.

The sundeck on RV Indochine II

The sundeck on RV Indochine II

Top Tips for Cambodian Cruise with RV Indochine II

  • Know the ideal time for cruising. Though the Mekong River Cruise Tours are operated throughout the year, the best time to do is from April to October. In particular, Tonle Sap Lake reaches the highest level of water in September, which is the optimum time to cruise along the Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake connected to the Mekong River.
  • Remember to bring insect repellent. Most parts of the Mekong regions remain primitive and green which can house the fire ants and the tiny gnats. Therefore, it’s a big must to use the insect repellent to protect your skin and health.
  • Bring your first-aid kit. When being on board, it’s uneasy to find the medicines for the upset stomach or dizziness. Hence, make sure you have the handy first-aid kit at your disposal.
  • Wear the casual dress: Bring the casual and comfortable clothes such as jeans, T-shirts, tops, baggy trousers, etc. Importantly, if the Cambodia tour itineraries include the stops at the temples, wearing the long pants and a scarf to cover the bare shoulders are recommended.
  • Take time enjoying the entertainment on board. RV Indochine II is equipped with massage, film, book, game, and bar that can entertain you during the voyage. So, don’t miss a chance to experience and evaluate them for the complete exploration. The onboard massage can even refill your energy in a surprising way.
  • No need to worry about seasickness. Understand that sailing in the inland waterways becomes smooth and flat! This means seasickness is unlikely to occur on the river cruise. Just use the time to focus on the recreation on the board and cherish the scenic rural villages, solemn temples, and floating markets along the Mekong River.
  • Be comfortable with crew tipping. Though tip is included in the fare, the extra tip by cash to the crew is quite common on the board while not obligatory.

More and more high-budget guests have booked and enjoyed the delightful stay on board of RV Indochine II.  As the cruise line moves between Siem Reap, through Phnom Penh, and Ho Chi Minh City, it’s no doubt that the passengers can feast eyes fully and happily with various beauty spots. While you might be interested in the peaceful countryside landscape along the river, the others would love to enter the floating houses and buying fruits on the floating markets. The rest of customers may value the amenities and facilities on the board. With RV Indochine Mekong River Cruise II launched in Cambodia, cruising on Mekong River can turn to the new era of the upscale and rewarding voyage.