Sihanoukville in Cambodia offers the endless beach inspiration for the beach fans who love lying on the picturesque beach, playing various water activities and getting steer clear of stress. When standing in front of Sihanoukville beach, it is inspiring to say out loud the inner anxiety and have it released. Only peace and energy remain while the sadness is taken away. For an ideal beach shelter in Cambodia, let’s bring your focus on Sihanoukville.

About Sihanoukville in Cambodia

Sihanoukville (or Kompong Som) is a coastal city in the southwest of Cambodia. The destination is nestled at the tip of a peninsula at the Gulf of Thailand. Bordered by the length and spectacular strings of beaches, the town of Sihanoukville can powerfully attract many travelers, backpackers, and residents coming to unwind. With an attempt to promote the local tourism, there are more and more hotels and guesthouse built in the seaside town. In 2014, there counted one world-class 5-star resort here. Besides, there exist several bungalow resorts, mid-range lodges along the beaches, and various guesthouses. Know that this beach-based destination mostly becomes crowded during the peak time, and it is required to book the accommodation in advance. Broadly speaking, the key highlights of Sihanoukville refer to the long stretch of the wonderfully primitive beaches. The most eminent names are Victory Beach, Sokha Beach, Deum Chhrey Beach, Ochheuteal Beach, etc. Together with beaches, this site is also blessed with waterfall, national park, and the nearby Koh Rong Island.

What to See in Sihanoukville

Deum Chhrey Beach

Deum Chhrey BeachEverybody knows that the pride of Sihanoukville is the spellbinding beach, and Deum Chhrey Beach is a fantastic candidate. Situated in front of the City Hall, this beach welcomes the travelers throughout the year. And, the ideal activities in the scenic setting are just walking along the captivating stretch, swimming, photographing the amazing serenity. For an exclusive photography, you might want to walk toward the nearby photogenic park filled with various statues.

Kbal Chhay Waterfall

Sihanoukville Kbal Chhay WaterfallApproximately 16km to the north of the downtown Sihanoukville, this bewitching waterfall has appeared appealing to the new guests since its discovery of 1960. After passing the sign which points to this attraction, you can expect to see a 14m magical waterfall. When sightseeing the water flowing over the edge of the cliff in the mountain and falling into a scenic pool, you will surely feel refreshed. This the favorite venue for anybody that desires to relax and regain the lost energy. People also love to have a picnic in a gorgeous setting.

Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong IslandAround 40km from the coast of Sihanoukville Cambodia, Koh Rong Island is also usually visited by those traveling to the beach town. Untouched and beautiful, Koh Rong is compatible for ecotourism. If you’re keen on something secretive and gorgeous, then this is a must-see site in an area of Kompong Som Region. With the crystal clear water, the romantic beach, ranges of green coconut palms, and waterfall, people say there is a paradise found on Koh Rong. Therefore, make sure you go to see it!

Ochheuteal Beach

Sihanoukville Ochheuteal BeachLast but not least, it is Ochheuteal Beach that is the most reputable beach in the complex of Sihanoukville. This attraction is recognizable for the long, sandy, and spellbinding serenity. The laid-back and fresh atmosphere in the site is suitable for somebody that cherish peace. After hours of playing on the scenic setting, you can then head to the upscale hotels or the budget bungalows and have great drinks at the beach bars. The destination is photogenic with the lovely drink huts and grass umbrella. It is so wonderful for the selfie that both amateur and experienced photographers like to experience.

Buddy Land Water Park

Sihanoukville Buddy Land Water ParkThis is the first and exclusive water park in this beach destination. The young travelers usually gather here to try out various water games, and then taste the appetizing cuisine. One of the most outstanding specialties of this place is the tornado potato with either onion flavor or BBQ flavor. Hold a stick of tornado potato on hand, enjoy it, and get energized to play some favorite water activities here. Laugh and joy are boundless in this recreational venue.

How to Get to Sihanoukville Cambodia

By Air

Sihanoukville is served by Sihanoukville Airport (or Kang Keng Airport) built in 1960. After a period of closure, the airport has been opened on January 15th, 2007. At present, it’s feasible to reach this beach shelter via the direct flights from Phnom Penh, or Siem Reap. But in fact, most travelers prefer traveling to Sihanoukville by road. There is also the helicopter service to reach the islands in Sihanoukville. It’s best booked through a travel agent in Cambodia.

By Road

Check the Cambodian map to figure out the exact route to Sihanoukville from your place! If you start from Phnom Penh, it’s convenient to take advantage of the bus/taxi/coach services. Several times per day, the buses depart Phnom Penh to the seaside town, and it is a 4-hour ride. Note that all buses depart from and arrive at Sihanoukville in the central bus station on Street 108.

In the case of share taxi, you can find some vehicle in the southwest region of Central Market (or Phsar Thmey) in Phnom Penh, and also on Street 108. Know that most share taxi departs before 10:00 AM, but you can still catch one in the mid-afternoon.

By Boat

You might start from the surrounding islands to Sihanoukville. In that case, use the fast ferry boat to get there. Due to the different distance between the town and the islands, the speedboats might take 60 minutes each way while the slow boats take approximately 2 hours.

When to Visit Sihanoukville

The destination is characterized by the tropical climate which is warm and humid most of the time. Based on the average temperatures, it’s possible to divide the local weather into three separate seasons.

  • May – October: This is a rainy season in Sihanoukville which showers the land with rain and high humidity of up to 90%. At that time, the average temperature is around 24-34 Celsius degree. The humid and rainy conditions are just suitable for a few tourists, which is why the beach destination remains less crowded than other time of the year.
  • November – February: This is the cool season in the revenue. When it comes to November, the rain seems to end. Then, the weather becomes dry, warm, and breezy until January. The temperature for this period is around 20-30 Celsius degree, and note that the night might get very cold – as low as 20 Celsius degree. But, it’s reported that December and January are the two best months to visit Sihanoukville. The best time features the pleasant wind and blue sky. December is perfect for scuba diving as the water becomes more transparent than any other month.
  • March – May: This is the hot time in the beach venue. At the beginning of March, the destination starts getting warm, hot, and dry. The dry environment makes the access to the islands in Sihanoukville easier than ever, but it takes sweat to move from each attraction to another. Nonetheless, what could be more fantastic than swimming in the crystal cool water to avoid the scorching heat? This is also the ideal time to see the site.

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